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The Chinese game named Genshin Impact has recently become one of the hottest video games in the world. Its popularity has led fans to explore and increase their level of game rank. It doesn’t wonder if every Genshin Impact player is looking for the ways to level up their rank.

However, leveling up the rank in Genshin Impact is such a pretty hard way to do. In case you want to level your rank, of course there are plenty of things that you should recognize. Well, the things here are what you should do to level up your rank in Genshin Impact.

Is it possible to level up your rank 30 in 3 days? You may think that it’s so hard to level up your rank 30 in a very short time, however as long as you really understand what you should do, we think that it’s presumably simple to do. The point is, it’s very possible for you to level up your rank 30 in 3 days.

Don’t you believe it yet? Get rid of your doubtness away right now! Thankfully, this post will show you 13 tips and secrets to level up your rank 30 in a very limited time, so let’s see below!

  1. Don’t make ten direct wishes, one at a time is better

Guarantee to get at least one character or weapon above 4 stars out of ten times while making a wish applies the same probability by making one wish only. If you do one by one and have got a character or weapon 4 star and above, you can stop first and continue your adventure.

  1. Talk to NPC (Non-Player Character)as often as possible

Talking to NPC (Non-Player Character) can be one of effective and efficient ways that you should take to level up your rank 30 in a very short time. You’ll really understand at the beginning of the game, you already have a chance to talk to the nun named Victoria. This chance will be yours when you have access to the cathedral.

Of course, taking the option of asking to be shown a place by talking to Victoria is such a great way as well. You will be granted a rare 4-star artifact (Bloodstained Chevalier’s Goblet from the Bloodstained Chivalry set) that will drastically level your character’s status.

The only thing you can do here is to try talking to other NPCs and choose the various conversation options. By talking to them. we guarantee that you will get various useful items that you can use in the game. So, if you find NPC, don’t hesitate to talk to them. Additionally, you should know the list of NPC dialogue options that you can access here.

  1. Don’t ignore various items and some things that you find during your adventure

Any items you pass in the game, including even the most common sweet flowers, will be useful for completing certain quests or missions in the future. Don’t be lazy to just click collect it. Here are some essential things that you shouldn’t ignore while on an adventure:

  • Ore or mining stones (iron chunk, white iron chunk, crystal chunk, layer cast, noctilucous jade, magical crystal chunk) you must take.
  • The pigs, birds and squirrels should be killed. The meat is useful for cooking and completing quests.
  • Fruits and vegetables are useful ingredients for cooking. Cuisine is one of the important items to help you survive.
  • Flowers and seeds are also essential. Not only for cooking or completing certain quests, the certain flowers are also a requirement for your character to ascend to a higher level.
  • Fast moving animals, such as frogs, lizards, butterflies, fireflies and  glow beetles. Several items are required for completing quests, crafting, or building your character.
  • Treasure chests — no matter what kind — are important too. Aside from containing items which can strengthen your character or weapons, well opening the chests will help increase your adventure rank.
  • Seelie spirit is the hovering ghost who will lead you to the treasure chest. Their number is limited and they will not respawn. Completing leading all seelies to their respective statues will reward you.

Of course, there are still a lot of other types of items that you shouldn’t ignore. Anyway, if something is glowing and you can click investigate or the item name appears, take it. What about the oculi (geoculus and anemoculus)? Let’s see our explanation in the next point!

  1. Don’t rush to collect oculi (anemoculus and geoculus), you should record them so that nothing is missed.

To find out where all the oculi are, you’re able to use the interactive map of Genshin Impact. To ease you, you can actually access the Genshin Impact map page.

To make it easier to mark the oculi that you have taken, you can click oculi on the interactive map and click ‘mark as found’. However, to do so, you must first log into the map. It’s pretty easy to do. With this, you can get all the oculi easier and faster. A complete collection of oculi is also required to complete certain quests with fantastic rewards. In addition to increasing your stamina, this makes it easier for you to explore.

You can also use this map to find seelie spirits that you haven’t guided, enemies or monsters that you need to fight to get certain items, or the location of certain items to complete quests. Just try to go on an adventure freely using the help of this map.

  1. Don’t be too wasteful using various important items or Mora in Genshin Impact

One of the important items that you don’t waste is experience enhancing books to level up as the number is very limited. Don’t carelessly spend it on the initial characters you use. Make sure you save these items for tier S or A characters, which you will get via wish or quest. This concept also applies to Mora, the currency in Genshin Impact, and sigil. Don’t be wasteful by buying something without an important purpose.

Here’s for the list of tiers and each character included in it (update November 2020), source from genshin.gg:

  • Tier S: Bennett, Diluc, Klee, Mona, Qiqi, Tartaglia, Venti, Xingqiu.
  • Tier A: Diona, Fischl, Jean, Keqing, Ningguang, Razor, Xiangling.
  • Tier B: Barbara, Beidou, Chongyun, Sucrose.
  • Tier C: Kaeya, Lisa, Noelle, Traveler (anemo), Traveler (geo).
  • Tier D: Amber.
  1. Get Paimon as a pet which will follow you anywhere

At the edge of the world area which will be open to you, your screen will turn red if you cross it and Paimon will appear, reminding you to return back to the active area. Then, she will disappear after you’ve run back to the active area. Now, see how to keep Paimon from disappearing and remain as your pet:

  • Go to the end of the active world area bounded by a red line.
  • A  moment before Paimon appeared, when the screen had turned red, she was still there.
  • Disconnect your internet connection and immediately run towards the area which is still restricted.
  • Paimon will appear and on your screen a warning will appear reconnecting to the server.
  • When the yellow reconnect circle appears, immediately restart your internet connection, so you don’t get kicked from the game.
  • Voila, Paimon is still around and following you around! Now on an adventure without co-op mode, you are no longer alone when fighting your enemies.

There are important notes that you need to notice about making Paimon a pet:

  • Paimon will disappear again if you enter the room (not in open air). Here, you need to repeat the steps to bring up Paimon again above.
  • Paimon will seem like she disappeared when you teleport, even though she was left in the last place before teleporting. She will come after you. It will take a maximum of 5 minutes for her to come back to you, depending on how far you left her.
  • If you intend at the target with the archers, Paimon automatically will cover and move depending on your target mark. So, consider again to make Paimon a pet, especially for those of you who like archery. However, it will make it hard for you on various quests.
  1. As much as possible, level up artifacts only that are purple (4 stars) or yellow (5 stars)

Leveling up these artifacts is important to strengthen your character. However, if you have already spent the artifacts to raise the level of blue artifacts (3 stars) down, you will be disappointed because it is hard to raise various artifacts from 4 stars to the next one you will get. Don’t worry, at some point in the game, especially when your adventure rank starts to hit 20, it will be easier for you to get 4-star artifacts.

  1. Don’t rush to raise your world level, first beat all the bosses before going to the next level

You have to get items and artifacts from them. So, collect it first while these bosses haven’t leveled up yet. Indeed, the increased world level also increases the quality and probability of the rare items they drop, but at least you can get various basic items to ascend your character and equip your artifacts, before their damage becomes too painful.

Above adventure rank 29, world level will increase automatically when you enter rank 30, not through trial. So, when your adventure rank is 29 to 30, it’s better to get experience by cutting down the bosses, not by taking treasure chests here and there.

  1. Know the suitable build for each of your characters, make sure the weapons and artifacts are functioning optimally

The suitable build will make your character stronger to the highest level. Make sure you wear them the right weapons and artifacts depending on their skills and characteristics. To see the complete guide about the right build for each character, you can visit the page here. Once you access the site, you can then click on the character icon you want to know the build for.

  1. Finish the ration of resin every day, don’t waste it a lot

Resins are commonly used to get items in the flowers which appear when you beat bosses or complete challenges in the yellow and blue ley line openings or are presented to trees when clearing a domain. It’s better to use for boss (priority) or domain anyway. This resin will be renewed by one unit every 8 minutes, so don’t worry. Spending your daily resin ration will also help you earn battle points.

  1. Don’t hesitate to do co-op mode, prepare the resin

Aside from being able to make you know new friends in this game, you’re also able to go faster in this game with their help. Most high-level players don’t hesitate to help you beat bosses or collect certain items because they will also get it. tu me salvaste de mi obscuridad (sasuhina) by HIME UCHIHA

Well, doing co-op mode can also help you meet the achievement to get a special banner. Make sure before doing the co-op mode, your resin is full or at least enough to hunt bosses and domains.

  1. Recognize and carry out various secret missions, one of which is on a secret island

On the secret island, there is an anemoculus, a treasure map and a secret mission. It is visible from the Starsnatch Cliff. You’re able to access it by crossing using Kaeya’s water freeze skill (Frost Gnaw), you must then do gliding from Starsnatch Cliff uses Amber (as her passive skill which saves 20 percent of her stamina usage while gliding); or use Venti with his Skyward Sonnet skill from Starsnatch’s cliff too.

As long as you’re able to see an area which feels far away, but it’s still in an active map area, meaning you can reach it using various skills in this game. This includes two ships in the Liyue area. On top of these two ships there are also geoculus and missions waiting for you.

Aside from secret islands, there are plenty of the best treasure chests hidden in the game:

  • On the beach early in the game, don’t follow Paimon right away. Turn toward land close enough to swim there with tall rocks. Behind the rock, there is a secret treasure chest. This will make your progress rate faster as you get at the start of the game.
  • In Guyun Stone Forest, climb on an abandoned ship that sits over the rocks. You will see a pile of rocks. Break the pile of stones and a treasure chest will appear.
  • At the Gunyu Ruins, stand on one of the cut tree trunks emerging from the water at the edge of the lake. Stand on it and a treasure chest will appear.
  • In Stormbearer Mountains, you can also go to the end of the river, between two cliffs, in front of the waterfall. In this location, you will find a pillar with a secret treasure chest.
  • Near the Anemo God statue in front of the Mondstadt cathedral, go to the stairs to the left of the statue (if you are walking from the cathedral to the Anemo God statue). You will see a light shining above one of the stone fences. Head into the light and complete the challenge of running to the end of the other fence. Go through the circles without falling. You will get a secret treasure map.
  • On top of the Mondstadt Cathedral, you need to head to the highest tower. You will then find a secret treasure chest there.
  • On top of the Adventurer’s Guild headquarters, you will have a chance to find a secret treasure map.
  1. Build a team which can support each other

You can easily change your team members (party), except in the domain or while fighting an enemy. Make sure the team in your party can support or strengthen each other. It doesn’t have to be different elements, sometimes teams that contain two or more of the same elements can maximize each other’s damage and attack effects.

Remember that there is a frozen effect when hydro and cryo meet or an electro-charged effect when a hydro attack meets an electro; superconduct when cryo meets electro; overloaded when electro meets pyro; and much more. Take advantage of this elemental combination reaction by changing characters after casting skills.

To see more detail about reaction, resonation and debuff elements, you can access the related page here.

Those were some tips and secrets on Genshin Impact that you can try to quickly increase your adventure rank. Good Luck, Dude!

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you. Related Post "13 Tips and Secrets of Genshin Impact, Level Up Your Rank 30 in 3 Days!"Genshin Web Event LinkGenshin Web Event LinkOne of the things that amazes playersGenshin Impact Barbara Hangout GuideGenshin Impact Barbara Hangout GuideAre you looking for a Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact Windblume Festival Quest GuideGenshin Impact Windblume Festival Quest GuideGenshin Impact update 1.4 brings some spectacularGenshin Impact Noelle Hangout GuideGenshin Impact Noelle Hangout GuideNoelle Hangout event is one of the

13 Tips and Secrets of Genshin Impact, Level Up Your Rank 30 in 3 Days! | Genshin Impact Tier List

The Chinese game named Genshin Impact has recently become one of the hottest video games in the world. Its popularity has led fans to explore and increase thei







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