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Zhongli does not seem too strong compared to other characters, even though being an Archon character. The reason is, this new character in the game of Genshin Impact has a really small attack status. In fact, the potential is quite large too. You do not get caught up in his really small ATK status points. There are some ways to make him a valuable character in the team. Do you want to know some things to make Zhongli stronger? Keep on reading.

How to Make Zhongli Stronger

Here are 5 things to make zhongli stronger that you need to know:

  1. Maximizing Support Role

If you want to strengthen the potential of Zhongli, you should understand that this character is better served as Support. As we know that Zhongli’s physical attack average is really small. If you want to make it the main DPS, you have to be lucky to get the Vortex Vanquisher weapon that was released on the weapon banner. Next, every time he gets a shield, Zhongli will be able to double the damage. As Support, he is more functional as it will be able to provide sustainable damage with Geo Construct, as well as give a shield for the player’s character. In addition, every time his Ultimate Burst is issued, Zhongli inflicts huge damage and gives a stun effect.

  1. Best Artifact Composition

To improve Zhongli’s potential, the Artifact that you have to build is a combination of two sets of Archaic Petra and 2 sets of Noblesse Oblige. This will be able to give an additional effect of Geo Damage and + 20 percent Ultimate Burst. Thus, his Planet Befall was guaranteed to be really sick. On the other hand, if you want to use Zhongli as a DPS, you are able to use a combination of two sets of Archaic Petra and Retracing Bolide to strengthen his Shield. If want to pair a duet with other Geo characters, like Noelle, they have to use four sets of Retracing Bolides to strengthen the additional damage effect of the Shield.

  1. Maximize Geo Damage

You have to remember that Zhongli is one of the most powerful Geo characters and also gets an added bonus every Ascend level. In this way, maximizing Geo damage on those characters is absolute. With the addition of the Geo DMG Bonus on Artifact and the Archaic Petra set, he is able to get more than 90 percent bonus towards level 90. If he is lucky to improve his second Constellation, he can also improve his Dominus Lapidis in half and create his damage twice as big. If there is a character that has a Geo Construct like Traveler, next the construction can also emit damage which makes it bigger.

  1. Change Team Composition

Zhongli relies heavily on Geo elements so that the presence of Traveler or Ningguang is needed to upgrade Dominus Lapidis’ damage. On the other hand, you are also able to use it only as Support outside the composition of other members to add attacks and give Shield. To maximize this potential, Zhongli will be able to get help from Mona or Benett as a utility. Next, the damage generated from Planet Befall will improve drastically and allow it to have a big effect.

  1. Increases Meteor Damage

From his talent, Zhongli got a 33 percent bonus damage from Max HP. Actually, it is a trap if you focus too much on increasing his HP. The reason is, if you focus too much on increasing his HP, the resulting Geo damage will not be too huge if Zhongli’s ATK is too small. So, you have to take the HP stat as only a secondary stat in the Artifact.

Towards level 90, the HP of Zhongli will be around 20 thousand more. In this way, the bonus damage from each Meteor will improve by more than 6000. To maximize impact, you are also needed to add Crit Damage so that the important points from Planet Befall are really huge. Aside from that, you do not forget to upgrade your Crit Chance to above 40 percent for increasing its potential.

About Genshin Impact Zhongli

While you are able to be your Traveler as Geo, most players prefer them in Anemo. Meaning that there is only two Geo characters in the game right now: Noelle and Ningguang. This is one of the least famous elements in the game, however a lot of that is because it lacks a character like Venti, Diluc, Jane, or Fischl. Zhongli has featured in the Liyue portion of Genshin Impact’s narrative. He is a calm and philosophical figure amongst the more excitable characters. He is surprisingly intense, and considers himself as a Bourgeois parasite.

Normal attack: Rain of Stone

  • Normal Attack: Zhongli does 6 rapid strikes in quick succession.
  • Charged Attack: Zhongli jumps forwards, making stone spears to drop behind him. Of course, it costs some stamina.
  • Plunging Attack: Zhongli slams down with a strong strike.

Elemental Skill: Dominus Lapidis

Zhongli forms a stone stele, making AoE Geo damage. This strike becomes stronger if other Geo elements are nearby. If charged, this skill makes a jade shield that absorbs damage, with better absorption for Geo damage.

Elemental Burst: Planet Befall

Zhongli summons a meteor, giving Geo damage and applying Petrification. Becomes stronger as Zhongli’s health upgrades.


  • Resonant Waves: The jade shield will fortify once it is broken, increasing the strength of the shield by 5 percent. It enables stacking five times.
  • Dominance Of Earth: Planet Befall gets a damage increase of 33 percent from Zhongli’s max HP.
  • Arcanum Of Crystal: Refunds 15 percent ore once making Polearms.


  • Rock: Allows Zhongli to make two stone steles at once.
  • Stone: Planet Befall grants nearby allies a jade shield.
  • Jade: Improves Dominus Lapidis’ level by 3.
  • Topaz: Improves Planet Befall’s AoE damage by 20 percent. Also, improves Petrification duration by two seconds.
  • Lazuil : Improves Planet Befall’s level by 3.
  • Chyros: 40% of damage taken by jade shield becomes health regeneration for active party members.
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5 Things to Make Zhongli Stronger | Genshin Impact Tier List

Zhongli does not seem too strong compared to other characters, even though being an Archon character. The reason is, this new character in the game of Genshin







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