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How many enemies have you encountered in Genshin Impact? There may be so many enemies, right? Now, do you know about Abyss Heralds? These creatures will be an upcoming enemy in Genshin Impact where they are very tall. Do you want to know more about them? We have some information about them here.

Who Are Abyss Heralds?

Abyss Heralds are creatures in Genshin Impact which are a part of the Abyss Order. These creatures can manipulate intense abyssal energy. They command Abyss Mages and are more twisted than them. With Abyssal Gospel, they are able to transform. The location of these creatures are in Mondstadt.

In the latest archon quest named Bough Keeper: Dainsleif, the Abyss Herald was mentioned. In the quest, Dainslef came Monstadt to find the traces of an Abyss Herald. Then, at the end of the world, he was not able to find any traces of the Herald and needed to go back barehanded.

Lumie Leaked the Abyss Herald

It seems that Genshin Impact will reveal the high authority of the Abyss Order immediately. They may do it by introducing Abyss Herald. This information can be seen in the Twitter account of Lumie, an account which is popular for leaks and renders of upcoming characters in Genshin Impact. In this Twitter account, you are able to see that he shows the large Abyss Heralds’ character model.

You are able to see in the leaks that the creature named the Abyss Herald wears a blue cape with an inhuman physique. It seems that Herald is an elemental type like Hydro Abyss Mages. The height of this creature is 294 cm or 9 feet and inches in the game. In the picture that he shows, you can see that he compares the Abyss Herald with Klee and how tall the Abyss Herald is.

Since the leaks are still new, so there is not much information about the Abyss Heralds. You are able to wait for the next update about it.

What is Abyss Order?

It is described that the Abyss Heralds are a part of the Abyss Order. What is the Abyss Order? This is a mysterious but powerful legion of monsters from the Abyss who are the enemies of humanity and surface civilization. This legion thrives in a lot of corners of Teyvat. In Genshin Impact, they are one of the two known main antagonistic factions alongside the Fatui.

Most members of this legion live in the Abyss. So, it is a little known about them by Teyvat. Besides, they hate humans and they want to overthrow the world ruled by the archons. In the story, their size, origins, leaders, goals, membership, degree of power, motivations and the level of threat are unknown.

So far, there are some monsters which are confirmed to be a part of the Abyss Order. Those monsters are The Abyss Mages, Abyss Heralds and Ruin Machines. According to Diluc, there are more than just some Abyss Mages. He says it when he is warning the Traveler and Paimon not to underestimate them. It implies that there are monsters in the organization which are stronger and more dangerous that have not been introduced yet.

Lately, Mondstadt has been attacked by the Abyss constantly. They got control of the Hilicurls to be able to help do their attacks. Also, it is known that they are all united under a leader who is responsible for managing and starting the Abyss Order’s plan to be able to manipulate Dvalin or Stormterror, the Dragon of the East and one of the Four Winds to use him as a weapon of war and switch on the citizens of Mondstadt.

Then, the Abyss became very quiet after the Stormterror incident. It leads Dainsleif to think that they are under orders to direct the path of the Traveler.

About Abyss Mages

As we explained earlier that Abyss Mages are a type of monsters that are a part of the Abyss Order. They act as their foot soldiers. They can use elemental energy from the Ley Lines of Teyvat. Then, they use the power to the goal of the group to overthrow the world ruled by the archons.

The Hydro Abyss Mage has dark blue color and has a white mask. He can attack by launching blasts of water at the player. Sometimes, he can conjure a large water bubble that homes into the position of the player and then trap thye player in it. If we compare it to the frozen status, the water bubble is harder to break and avoid. However, it is able to be destroyed by attacking it or trapping another enemy in it.

Pyro Abyss Mages can be known by their dark orange color. In combat, he can send blasts of fire along the ground in the direction of the player. Also, he can summon three demonic heads in a triangle formation to spew fire at the location of the player. However, this attack is easy to avoid because the heads of demons cannot aim, unlike Xiangling’s Guoba.

How about the Cryo Abyss Mage? You can know him by their white color. They can attack the player by launching shards of ice at them. Or, they conjure large icicles in mid air and then crash them into the player. The player can avoid these attacks if the reactions of the player are fast enough. They can make the Cryo elemental state which reduces the movement speed of the player so that it makes it much harder to avoid other attacks.

Same as  the other Abyss Mages, the Cryo Abyss Mage can also teleport. They can do that when its shield is active. The shield can protect the Cryo Mage from all types of damage. However, it is most vulnerable to Pyro elemental damage. Because of their elemental powers, the Cryo Abyss Mage will be able to freeze water when they touch or hover over it. It can happen even if their shield is not active.

For your information, Abyss Mages are able to make an elemental shield around themselves and it will absorb all damage that they get until it is run out.

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Abyss Heralds | Genshin Impact Tier List

How many enemies have you encountered in Genshin Impact? There may be so many enemies, right? Now, do you know about Abyss Heralds? These creatures will be an







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