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Bosacius is fourth of Guardian Yaksha of Liyue. None knows what his element is as there are too many theories which speculate about him. The only thing that you should know about Bosacius is that he is one of Yaksha in which his side quest in the game is named “Yaksha’s Wish”.

A lot of Genshin Impact fans speculate that Bosacius is a Geo Yaksha. But some of them are sure that he is an Electro Yaksha. Well, whatever element that Bosacius has, the important thing that you should know is about Bosacius’s quest and how to complete it.

Well, Bosacius’s quest really tells us what happened to him. so, let’s find out the guide of Bosacius’s quest below!

Bosacius’s Quest Guide

The Yaksha’s Wish is a Bosacius’s quest that you should complete in the game. To receive the Yaksha’s Wish or Bosacius’s quest, you need to interact with the Ruin Tablet in Minlin. Here’s how to complete the Yaksha’s Wish!

Way 1: Get Inside the Hilicurls Camp

To find the Light Actuator locations, you should get inside the Hilichurl Camp north of the Ruin Tablet. Here’s what you should do there:

You have to defeat the Stonehide Lawachurl and the other Hilichurls to access the hub which has a Precious Chest and especially the Light Actuator. However, you can also jump through a window in the back of the hut. Here, you might sustain damage though and the chest will not open.

Way 2: Find a Stone Platform

The Precious Chest and Light Actuator will be locked by a barrier on a stone platform, east-southeast of the Ruin Tablet. To unlock the Precious Chest and Light Actuator, you should eliminate the Hydro Abyss Mage and the Hilichurls.

Way 3: Get Inside a Ruined Tower

Inside a ruined tower, south of the Ruin Tablet, you should climb the tallest peak to the west of the ruins. You can then glide onto the roof of the tower. Here, you need to glide down into the room from the hole on the roof. The gate immediately will unlock which allows you to access the Light Actuator.

Well, to unlock the Exquisite Chest, you should activate the 2 Geo Lanterns. Then, break one of the shining rocks on the ground to obtain a star. You also need to bring the star up to the Geo Lantern on the second floor. To note, the Ruin Guard will activate if you go near it.

Afterwards, you have to go to the back of the tower on the second floor. Here, you should break the shining rock inside the room with a Common Chest to get another star. To produce an air current and glide up to the eastern platform on the third floor, you can also use a Venti or Wind Catcher gadget.

Instead, you can create a Geo construct before getting the star. You can then climb up to the eastern platform. The traveler will need 3 or 4 diagonal ‘dash’ climbs (Hold W and D keys, press spacebar to do it). You finally can bring the star up to the Geo Lantern on the third floor.

The rewards that you will get after completing the Yaksha’s Wish are as follow:

    • 250 Adventure’s Experience
    • 30 Primogems

With the other rewards are 6 x Adventurer’s Experience and 3 x Precious Chest.

Some Theories about Bosacius

At least, there are plenty of theories about Bosacius. Of course, some of the theories here come from many fans’ opinions. Here are some theories related to Bosacius:

  • Having great power but bound by his duty

Bosacius introduced himself when was talking in Ruin Tablet. He tells that his name is Bosacius, one of the Yakshas. He followed his Lord to fight evil and content with pestilence. Therefore, he as Yakshas really had great power and was bound by his duty and also stained by them.

  • Leaving his wealth in Liyue

He recognizes that Liyue is now at peace. However, both of their number, none but Alatus and he remain. He really wants to go away and complete what he should do in this world. He also emphasizes to leave his wealth there which is sealed by his arts. Then if anyone is fated to do so, they can take them.

  • Bosacius is probably a Geo

A lot of theories refer to Bosacius’s element. Why? That’s because the Geo Yaksha disappeared once he went through all the conflict but decided to meet Alatus/ Xiao for the last time before his departure. However, he didn’t notice for the reason to start as Liyue is finally at peace as you can see in “Yaksha’s Wish”.

Once he left, Alatus/ Xiao became depressed once everything had happened but remained vigilant as the contract remained. From this theory, Bosacius cannot be Electro Yaksha as Xiao told that anything will be Xiao’s authority. Xiao will not hesitate to kill Bosacius if he succumbs to Darkness. Well, that’s for Electro Yaksha which is probably killed by Alatus/ Xiao.

Many conclusions stated that if Geo and Hydro are killing each other, one of them is a Victor which is clearly Bosacius himself. Well, the second last Yaksha standing as you can see on the video that the Yaksha managed to kill Hydro Yaksha that makes him Bosacius.

About Yaksha

According to Genshin Impact Wiki, Yakshas were a subgroup within the adepti charged which had tasks to protect Liyue by waging a never-ending war against the defeated archons felled by Morax. Over time, it left karmic debt on them which is scraped away at their sanity and souls. Some of the members turned, whole others succumbed to the darkness and yet others vanished. Finally, only one Yaksha remained, that of Alatus/ Xiao.

Unlike other adepti who have completely beastlike appearances, the Yakshas were seen so far which have all taken humanoid’s look. During the battle, they use a mask especially for the symbol in their masks which are cruder than, however, it still resembles the elemental symbols of the Seven. The members of Yaksha are Alatus/ Xiao, Bosacius, Indarias, Bonanus and Menogias.

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Bosacius Genshin Guide | Genshin Impact Tier List

Bosacius is fourth of Guardian Yaksha of Liyue. None knows what his element is as there are too many theories which speculate about him. The only thing that yo






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