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Collei is a Manga original character that comes from Sumeru. She actually comes in a female character even though there are many Manga lovers who think that Collei is a boy. A lot of Genshi Impact  fans really doubts whether she will be a playable character or even just in Manga.

They really hope that Collei will be released as the playable character so this character can interact with them. However, there’s no confirmation yet for the clue that Collei will come to the game as a playable character. So, we just wait for the continuation of the manga which totally will give us the answer.

Though Collei isn’t a playable Genshin Impact character yet, you may wonder about it, may not you? See our post below!

Who Is Collei?

Collei appears in Genshin Impact Manga. She is a girl who has a miserable past. Well, her past has been mentioned briefly in Chapter 3; Lost and Found. From this chapter, Collei’s childhood was full of abuse and lies until she finally swore that she would never ask for help again. Her arrival at Mondstadt finally made her heart melt by Amber’s warmth.

She comes from Sumeru as an unreleased region in Teyvat and also as the city-state that worships the God of Wisdom, the Dendro Archon. This region is well-known as the center of learning and houses the Sumeru Academia.

Sumeru is represented as a nation of rainforest and forest. According to Dainsleif in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview revealed that this region is like desert but it isn’t clear whether it’s entirely metaphorical or point that the parts of the nation have undergone desertification.

Collei was born a sickly child. Her condition actually makes her parents worried and leads them to bring her to the seer Barbanas who could explain to them that she has been distrubed by the deev, a supernatural creature. The seer Barbanas gives the option to her parents to give Collei to him. However, instead of saving and healing Collei, he used her and cooperated with Fatui’s agent as an experimental human and put Archon’s residue inside of her.

Unfortunately, there is no information related to Collei whether Fatui let her go. The only thing that you should know about Collei, she was not treated by Sumeru’s people and also the other regions she visited. When she traveled around, many people threw rocks at her and pushed round. However, the treatment she accepted makes her strong desire to revenge.

Outline of Collei’s Story in Manga

Because she is a Manga character who is still debated whether to become a playable character or just in Manga, in this post, we just share to you the outline of her story in Manga you should know. However, knowing her story in Manga is totally a must for you. When she is coming to the game, you already know her background and how to play her in the game.

That’s why we show you the outline of Collei’s story that you can find in Genshin Impact Manga. Here they are:

    • Collei is rejected by Mondstadt Librarian

Collei finally can escape from Fatui and seer Barbanas and start to look for a cure for her illness along with searching for revenge. She traveled all the way to Mondstadt and visited the Modstatd’s library. After her arrival, she is rejected as her illness which may carry the plague.

Of course, she is angry and then summons the rest of Archon on her body and attacks a carriage carrying two Fatui diplomats. They finally die in a black fire with 15 more wounded even with the Knights of Favonius escorting them.

    • Amber and Kaeya are the first character she meets

Known for the attack in Mondstadt Library, Amber and Kaeya are send to investigate this incident. In their investigation, Amber notices Collei that she is looking at a statue with anger and interrogate her what Collei do so late at night. Collei seems to not impatient and tries to convince Amber to let her go, but Amber does not stop.

See all this, Collei finally lies and tells her she is looking for something. In this case, Amber  decides to help her to find what she is searching for in Mondstadt. Besides helping Collei, Amber also wants to know what her motif is doing in the Mondstadt region.

    • Amber helps Collei without knowing that she was lying

In search of things what Collei is looking for, Amber finally helps her by dragging her around and fly with her to find what she is searching for. Once landing, Amber meets Jean as a Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. She also meets Lisa, an librarian the Knights of Favonius.

They invite Amber to share her Intel and ask her to go to the library but Amber cannot as she does not have intel on hand. In this moment, Collei really knows what she is looking for in the library and then convinces Amber to go and bring her along.

    • Collei find what she wants to revenge

In the library, she finally finds the scroll which describes what she has to do for revenge. Unfortunately she cannot read it. Kaeya sees her and investigates why she has the role and Collei will do it. At the time, Amber comes and stops Kaeya from questioning Collei any further.

    • Collei is attacked by Kaeya

Kaeya starts to realize that Collei may be the culprit. He then brings Collei to a deserted place in Mondstadt to attack Collei. Even though Collei controls not to use her Archon, but the residue makes it attack Kaeya.

    • Collei realize that Mondstadt is a friendly region

In one attraction, Collei is selected as a volunteer and enclosed in a wooden box. As Amber opens it, she realizes that Mondstadt is not a dangerous region to live. She finally thinks that it’s a great place where she is free to be happy, to smile even to cry whatever you want to express your feelings. Mejores Marcas de Inodoros, ¡La Mejor para tu Baño!

Well, those are some outlines of Collei’s story in Manga. Of course there are still a series of stories about Collei in the Genshin Impact Manga.

To note: Collei is not a playable character in Genshin Impact, so there’s no best build guide for her.

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Collei Build Guide | Genshin Impact Tier List

Collei is a Manga original character that comes from Sumeru. She actually comes in a female character even though there are many Manga lovers who think that Co






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