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Dandelion Seeds are a Local Specialty item which can be harvested from Dandelion plants. They are located within the Mondstadt region, and most notably near Mondstadt’s front gates. After using an Anemo attack on a Dandelion plant, the seeds are dropped. Here, let us talk more about Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact.

Dandelion Seeds Description

This is a tiny seed which rides on the wind. Without its feathered wings, it can still hold the hope from afar within. In a sense, this dandelion represents the romantic spirit of love and freedom. In the land of the wind, where dandelions are discovered in abundance, many people utilize dandelions in wine making. The experts in local folklore trust that in ancient times, the wine brewed from dandelions had a strong symbolic meaning.

Dandelion Seeds Location

As we said before that Dandelion Seeds are able to be found all around the Mondstadt region, as they are a Mondstadt local specialty. For your information, Local Specialties are materials which are unique to a particular region in Teyvat. A material which is considered a local specialty is indicated as such in its description e.g: “A local specialty of Mondstadt/Liyue”. Dandelion seeds require to be harvested from Dandelion Plants that grow all around the Mondstadt. For more precise locations, you are able to see on the map.

Dandelion Seeds are also able to be found at the Mondstadt Gates, where more Dandelion Plants tend to grow. So, although Dandelion Plants are able to be found in the Mondstadt region’s wild, but usually you are able to find them easily at the Mondstadt city gate. The place to find them is west from the Dawn Winery. You need to go over a body of water and scale the cliffs. That is the area where you will be able to find loads of Dandelions. The Dawn Winery can be discovered south of the area called Wolvendom, or south-west of Springvale. But, you might have come across these in your travels. Hitting them with your weapons does not seem to have any effect.

To harvest Dandelion seeds, you have hit the Dandelion Plants with an Anemo attack. This will be able to dislodge them from the plant and offer you to collect them. So, it is highly recommended that you have at least one character on your roster who is capable of using Anemo attacks. Make sure that you have an Anemo (Wind) element user in your party and use an Anemo skill. This causes the Dandelion Plant to be blown away and leaves the Dandelion Seeds behind.

The uses of Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Dandelion seeds are really beneficial for the players in Genshin Impact. The players are able to collect the seeds to get their hands on the daily commission. Also, the players are able to ascend the character Jean with the help of these seeds. A total of 186 Dandelion seeds are required to ascend Jean. Aside from that, Dandelion seeds are also used as ingredients in Anemo Magic potions. The players will be able to increase the outgoing Anemo Damage and decrease the incoming Anemo Damage with the help of the seeds.

To get more information related to the uses of Dandelion seeds in Genshin Impact, you are able to continue reading the following text.

Crafting uses

Based on the research, Dandelion Seeds have primarily two uses. One is for the use of Alchemy, where you are able to make two things, the Gushing Essential Oil and the Windbarrier potion.

Gushing Essential Oil

  • Description: Gives greater affinity to Anemo, boosting Anemo DMG. It has a fragrant smell. It’s said that using it on travels will make you walk as if you are riding on the wind.
  • Effect: Can increase all party member Anemo damage by 25% for 300 seconds.
  • Amount needed: 1

Windbarrier Potion

  • Description: A mysterious potion which boosts Anemo RES and makes one able to withstand strong winds. This works as a wonder for adventurers out in the world. Even it is said to keep the cold away.
  • Effect:  Can increase all party member Anemo RES by 25% for 300 seconds.
  • Amount needed: 1

Anemoculus Resonance Stone

  • Description: This man-made stone plate has a certain characteristic similar to that of the Anemo Statues of The Seven, providing it the power to resonate with Anemoculi. The Oculus Resonance Stones are crude imitations of the Statues of The Seven constructed by ancients. However, it is precisely this crudeness which makes them crave the power of elemental oculi, so giving devout worshippers and adventurers alike a prime chance to collect oculi.
  • Effect: A stone which can be used in Mondstadt to search for nearby Anemoculi.
  • Amount needed: 5

Character Ascension uses

The most important use of Dandelion seeds is to unlock Jean’s Ascension. For users who use Jean in your party, you are going to need 168 Dandelion Seeds in total to upgrade Jean to her max level. You will be able to gather Dandelion seeds for Jean and also fill up the 100 Mondstadt local specialties Weekly Mission in the Battle Pass at the same time.

Dandelion Seed is used for the Jean character. For your information, Jean is a playable Anemo character in the game of Genshin Impact. She is the daughter of Frederica Gunnhildr and Simon Page. Also, she is the older sister of Barbara. Jean’s character is always busy handling unrest across Mondstadt. Of course, she was working to maintain the City of Freedom tirelessly.

Weapon Ascension uses

When we write this page, we get information that none of the released weapons use Dandelion Seed for weapon ascensions. Thus, Dandelions cannot be used for any weapon Ascensions right now.

Well, the text above is an explanation about Dandelion seeds description, the location of Dandelion seed in Genshin Impact and the uses of Dandelion seeds. If you want to get more information, read another article on our site.

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Dandelion Seeds | Genshin Impact Tier List

Dandelion Seeds are a Local Specialty item which can be harvested from Dandelion plants. They are located within the Mondstadt region, and most notably near Mo







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