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As a stat to amplify the base energy, the Energy Recharge can be gained from elemental particles and also orb. However, Energy Recharge is tied to the energy generation mechanics of the Genshin Impact game. As we know that Energy is such an asset that can enable the use of elemental burst for every character in the game.

Before releasing your elemental burst, you firstly have to recharge the energy gauge. Well, this gauge is a visual representation of the energy cost of your skill. Moreover, the elemental burst will have a 40 to 80 energy cost depending on the particular character.

You may wonder, is there any limit to recharge energy? Well, to know more about it, let’s see our post below!

How Much Does Energy Recharge Cap?

The cap here refers to the number of limits in energy recharging. Because there’s no information about the Energy Recharge cap, of course many Genshin Impact players are looking for the answer from miHoYo forum. Someone has posted an issue related to the limit of energy Recharge. He was wondering whether there’s a soft cap for energy recharge as he has heard that there was a soft cap for Crit Rate at 80%.

Thankfully, there were some answers which gave him the information about the limit of energy recharge. Someone said that the cap is if the player recharges their ultimate or elemental burst faster than their CoolDown takes. However, it has been tested when the player achieves 100%+ crit chance, their actual crit chance will never exceed 80% by much. It means that Energy Recharge is limited with 80%.

This statement is also strengthened by someone else that over 200% is a kind of a wasted stat. Well, there’s no idea if there is a limit or if people just meant to return diminishing DPS or something that you can boost another stat instead.

Unfortunately, we can also give you the actual limit for Energy Recharge, but what we get from the forums does not exceed 80%. We think you should prove it by trying to recharge the energy of your characters by picking the elemental particles and orbs. Let’s try it now!

What Is Energy Recharge?

Aside from knowing how much the actual limite when you recharge energy, you may wonder what the Energy Recharge is in Genshin Impact. Energy Recharge can be described as an upgradable stat to dictate how fast your character in the game will regain the energy when you gather elemental particles and orbs.

In other words, Energy Recharge is a stat referring to the amount of your characters’ energy. In Genshin Impact, energy is really needed to execute the ultimate skill/ elemental burst for each character.  By generating energy faster than your enemies can perform your ultimate skill more frequently that significantly increases your chances of winning any combat. Moreover, using an ultimate skill will grant a varying amount of invincibility frames during its duration where the character is immune to damage.

Where to Find Energy Recharge Stat?

If you really want to see your character’s energy recharge, you just simply go to the main menu. You can then choose your character. Afterwards, you have to choose the Attributes option. You should now scroll down to find Energy Recharge stat. Finally, you will find the Energy Recharge stat for your character under Healing Bonus stat.

Energy recharge stat definitely works to show the amount of energy which is given to each character with the base value of 100%. Additionally, it is such a sort of a multiplayer for your character’s energy reputation value to make your energy recharge stat value higher. That means more energy that will be regenerated for your character with each element particle and orb you finally collect.

How to Increase Energy Recharge Stat?

Considering energy is very important for character, you surely have to increase the Energy Recharge stat to keep the character’s energy to keep it stable. At least, there are plenty of ways that you can take to increase the Energy Recharge, here they are:

  1. Using Artifacts

We think the easiest way in the way of increasing the Energy Recharge is by using the artifact set including The Exile and Scholar. However, both will give you a bonus.

  • The Exile 2-set artifact will give you Energy Recharge more than 20%. The Exile 4-set will generate 2 energy for all party members every 2 seconds for 6 seconds when using an elemental burst. Its effect cannot stack.
  • Scholar 2-set artifacts will also give you Energy Recharge more than 20%. The Scholar 4-set artifact will give you 3 energy to all party members especially for the characters who have a catalyst and a bow equipped. It can only occur once every 3 seconds.
  1. From Hourglass Slot

You may not already notice that there are certain main stat that you can just get on certain slots. One of them is an hourglass slot. Additionally, it may be a bit hard to hunt 5-star artifacts with this main stat. However, it will be worth it as you won’t be limited by the 4-star artifact.

  1. From Artifact Sub-Stat

It’s such enough when having a 200% energy recharge for your support characters. However, it can be reached by using a weapon and an artifact with an energy recharge as the main stat. If you kindly try, you will have a chance to gain energy recharge as part of the sub-stat.

Need to know, the sub-stat is random on any artifacts. In addition, the enhancement will increase the effect of only 1 sub0stat every 4 levels and on random too. However, it is the hardest way to increase your energy recharge. OF 2.0 Captain Tsubasa-World Youth PES2020 PS4 & PC - Captain Tsubasa Spain

  1. Through weapon’s energy recharge

Just like an artifact, the weapon can also increase energy recharge as the main stat. The more enhance them, the more you are able to increase your energy regeneration rate. The difficulty to get a 5-star weapon in the game can be a reason why people don’t use this way of energy recharge.

Well, those are all ways that you can take to increase your energy recharge.

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you. Related Post "Energy Recharge Cap"Is Energy Recharge Good for Fischl?As you know, not all characters canHow to Recharge EnergyIn Genshin Impact, Energy Recharge is a

Energy Recharge Cap | Genshin Impact Tier List

As a stat to amplify the base energy, the Energy Recharge can be gained from elemental particles and also orb. However, Energy Recharge is tied to the energy g






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