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In Genshin Impact, there are a lot of items. It is important for you to know the name of the item and also the function of it so that you can use it optimally in the game. Now, how about Guide to Diligence? Have you heard about this item? Let’s find out about this item here.

What is the Guide to Diligence?

Guide to Diligence is an item in Genshin Impact and the category of the item is Talent Level-Up Material. The rarity of this item is 3 stars. In the description, it is written that industriousness is the foundation of the Land of the Earth. Furthermore, it is also written that industriousness is the catalyst that flows in the blood of the people of Liyue and it can turn rocks into gold. At last, in the description, it is also written that it is what makes its great commercial port great.

How to Obtain Guide to Diligence?

How to obtain this item? You are able to get this item in Taishan Mansion (Tuesday/ Friday/Sunday). Taishan Mansion is a Domain which is located near Jueyun Karst in Liyue. If you are able to clear this domain, you will get Talent Level-Up Materials that you can use for leveling up the talents of your characters to enhance their fighting ability.

Another way that you can do to get a Guide to Diligence is to craft it through alchemy. If you want to craft it, you need some materials including Teachings of Diligence x2 and Mora x175.

The Usage of Guide of Diligence in Crafting

Guide to Diligence can be an ingredient for crafting an item. When you craft Philosophies of Diligence, one of the ingredients is Guide of Diligence x3. Another material for crafting Philosophies of Diligence is Mora x550.

The Usage of Guide of Diligence in Talent Leveling

You are able to use Guide of Diligence to level talents. What characters can use this item to level their talents? Those characters are listed below.

    • Chongyun

Chongyun is a male character in this game. His birthday is on September 7th. His nation is Liyue and he was released on September 28th, 2020. Chongyun is a young man and he is positive and honorable as well. He has a passion for sweets and he is usually very patient and calm. However, when he heats up physically, his congenital positivity will cause him to get into a nearly manic state when he loses it. Then, he will become friendly, illogical and excitable and even usually causing extreme chaos. Some Chongyun’s friends assume that this wild personality which appears when he heats up is the real Chongyun.

    • Ganyu

Ganyu is a female character in the game and her birthday is on December 2nd. Her nation is Liyue and she was released on January 12th, 2021. Usually, she is very quiet and reserved. However, Xiangling and her father note that when Ganyu goes to Wanmin Restaurant, she always eats vegetarian food by herself and the quantity is small. This character completes whatever the things that are given to her whether it is a task or food.

    • Xiangling

Xiangling is a female character in Genshin Impact and she has a Pyro element. The rarity of this character is 4 stars and the weapon is polearm. Her birthday is on November 2nd and this character was released on September 28th, 2020. Xiangling really likes cooking. She has learnt the art of cooking from her father. When cooking, Xiangling will use anything for her recipes, even unconventional ingredients that can gross out other people. Even though some of the dishes are not to her liking, but she will not give up and she will press on  to modify the food or start over from scratch.

There is another character in Genshin Impact which can level the talent using Guide of Diligence. The character is Traveler which has a Geo element.

About Talent Level Up Materials

As we explained above that Guide to Diligence is categorized into Talent Level Up Material. What does it mean? Talent Level Up Materials are materials which are used with Common Ascension Materials to be able to level up talents of a character in Genshin Impact. The materials which have higher rarity can be crafted with Alchemy. You can craft it by combining lower rarity materials of the similar type. Let’s take an example. You can combine x3 Teachings of Freedom to make x1 Guide to Freedom. Another example is, you are able to combine x3 Guide to Freedom to make x1 Philosophies of Freedom.

If there is Xingqiu in your team, you can use this character when crafting higher level talent level up materials for a 25% chance to not eat a portion of the talent materials used.

The Other Talent Level Up Materials

Besides Guide to Diligence, there are the other materials which are also categorized into Talent Level Up Materials. Those are as you can see in the list below.

    • Teachings of Freedom

This material can be used to level up the talent of some characters such as Amber, Barbara, Diona, Klee, Sucrose, Tartaglia, Traveler (Geo) and Traveler (Anemo). You can get this material in Forsaken Rift.

    • Philosophies of Freedom

This material can be obtained from Forsaken Rift. Besides, it can also be obtained by crafting through Alchemy. The recipe for crafting it is Guide to Freedom x3 and Mora x550.

    • Crown of Insight

This material is very rare. You need this material to level up Combat Talents to final regular (Level 10) rank. You need it for upgrading each level 10 Talent and also it is now the required resource for every character which is playable in the game. This material can be obtained by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree to level 11 and Limited duration Event reward.

    • Spirit Locket of Boreas

This material is used to level up some characters in Genshin Impact such as Fischl, Kaeya, Ningguang, and Sucrose. You are able to obtain this material in Level 70+ Wolf of the North Challenge Reward.

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Guide to Diligence | Genshin Impact Tier List

In Genshin Impact, there are a lot of items. It is important for you to know the name of the item and also the function of it so that you can use it optimally






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