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The Gacha system in Genshin Impact allows you to use Wishes to unlock some new characters and weapons. Apparently, they do not come as easy as you may want. If you are looking for the new party member or fancy piece of kit, you will want to gacha as many wishes as humanly possible.


Wishes are the Gacha part of the game. By making Wishes, you are going to obtain random rewards like a new weapon, a playable character and more. Obviously the best stuff is rarer, so you will want as many as Genshin Impact Wishes that you can get to chase that dream drop. The Wishes tab in the main menu will display what you have got and let you access four types of Wishes: the Beginner’s Wishes, Standard Wishes, Character Event Wishes and Weapon Event Wishes. The first two will be bought with ‘Acquaint Fate’, and the latter two with ‘Intertwined Fate’. Also, you are able to learn more about the rewards that you might get by clicking on ‘details’. All in all, you still need some luck to get the best items from Wishes. However, by doing this guide, you are able to increase your chances. Let’s take a look at how to get more Wishes in Genshin Impact.

How to get more Wishes fast?

Here is how to get more Wishes fast in Genshin Impact:

Get more wishes by purchasing them

Same with all gacha games, the easiest method to get the results you want is by spending the real-life money. In Genshin Impact, you do not purchase Wishes directly. Instead, you have to go to the Shop in the main menu. Then, go to the Crystal Top-Up, where you are able to purchase Genesis Crystals. Please use these to obtain the in-game currency named Primogems, which in turn is used to purchase Fates/Wishes. To purchase Fates using Primogems, you have to go to the ‘Paimon’s Bargains’ tab in the Shop. 160 Primogems are enough to purchase you 1 Wish. Once you reach Adventure Rank 20, you are also able to purchase a premium Battle Pass. The Battle Pass will be able to give you large quantities of Primogems.

Through Events and free codes

If you do not want to pay real money, you are able to search the Genshin Impact forums to find redeemable codes. If you discover any, you are able to go to the ‘Redeem Code’ tab on the official Genshin Impact site to get the free rewards transmitted to your account.

Instead of code hunting, there is a better method to get large amounts of free Wishes fast. You only need to open the game, check your mailbox and then claim the event rewards. Because this game is still in its infancy, the developers of the game giveaway many large event bonuses. Although you are new to Genshin Impact, but you will be able to make some Wishes only by collecting these free rewards. The rewards are able to give you Wishes (Fates) directly or give you large amounts of Primogems that you are able to convert.

Increase Adventure Rank to obtain extra wishes

The best method to obtain free Wishes by playing the game is by reaching new Adventure Ranks. Achieving certain Adventure Rank milestones like level 5 and level 13 will give you a free Wish. Also, several levels will reward you with free Primogems. To gather the rewards, you have to talk to Katheryne, the receptionist of the Adventurer’s Guild. You will be able to find her in Mondstadt.

Collect Primogems

Besides collecting Primogems from the events and leveling up, there are some other methods to get more of them. Apparently, there are so many that it will be hard to keep track. In the text below, we are going to share a list of activities that reward you with Primogems. Probably not as many as mailbox rewards do, but those are still great methods to save up for Wishes:

    • Complete Quests

Please open up your Journal. Then, you are going to see which quests reward you with Primogems.

    • Complete Daily Commissions for the Adventurer’s Guild.

You are able to discover them in the Adventurer’s Handbook. There are 4 Daily Commissions. Although each of them individually give you with 10 Primogems, you are going to get 20 more if you complete them all.

    • Adventurer’s Guild Experience.

Actually, this is different from your Adventurer’s Rank. You need to open your Adventurer’s Handbook. Then, you are going to find the Experience tab. Each chapter consists of some tasks, such as ‘cook five dishes’ or ‘open 15 chests’. The individual tasks do not award you with Primogems. If you are able to complete the whole chapter, then you will be able to get 50.

    • Open chests

The Chests are discovered everywhere throughout the map. You may see a blue spirit (Mysterious Seelie) dancing around. If you follow them, they are going to lead you to a treasure chest. Several chests are sealed until you complete a certain challenge, such as beating a bunch of slimes. Probably, some of these chests will respawn after you have already opened them. There are four main types of the chests in Genshin Impact and they offer different amounts of Primogems:

  • Common chests:  2 Primogems
  • Exquisite chests:  2 to 5 Primogems
  • Precious chests:  10 Primogems
  • Luxurious chests:  10 Primogems
    • Discover Statues of the Seven

You are able to collect Primogems by finding Statues of the seven, domains and teleport waypoints. You may see their location on your map, before you find them.

    • Complete achievements

To find them, you have to go to the main menu and then click on the ‘Achievements’ tab. There are 14 categories. Simply, you are able to click on each of them to gather your rewards.

For note: 160 Primogems = one Wish. Also, you are able to get other currencies named Masterless Stardust’ and Masterless Starglitter from Wishes. You are going to need 75 of the first, and 5 of the second to purchase 1 new Wish. Las 10 mejores atracciones y cosas para hacer en Columbia, MO

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How to Get More Wishes Fast in Genshin Impact | Genshin Impact Tier List

The Gacha system in Genshin Impact allows you to use Wishes to unlock some new characters and weapons. Apparently, they do not come as easy as you may want. If






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