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Swirl is one of the things that is included as elemental reactions in Genshin Impact. This one happens when an opponent is hit by using either Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro elemental status with an Anemo elemental skill. This reaction will add additional damage on the top of the current elemental damage. In addition, the level, defense, and buffs of the target will be ignored.

There are two things that affect swirl: the level and the elemental mastery of the caster. That’s why, this elemental reaction also causes consistent damage. However, if you compared to the other elemental reactions, this one works a little differently. The reason is because Anemo takes the element that has existed or the ones it comes in contact with and then spreads it across as a place of the effect damage. Aside from the swirl damage, it will also deal elemental damage of the same element absorbed by it.

Another kind of elemental reaction on top of the swirl damage will be added by each monster that has an innate element that is caught in an Anemo skill. For instance, if you manage to catch an Elemental slime and a Hydro slime on your Anemo skill, the electro charged reaction will be triggered on top of the swirl damage. This thing makes Anemo a perfect one to control the crowd.

You will have to be careful when making mobs with the same elements as your target. Since the element that is spread is the same, it will deal no damage due to elemental immunity. For your information, Anemo skills will not leave any elemental status counter in the case of non-elemental monsters. It is because it can only absorb the one that has existed.

The good thing about swirl elemental reaction is the fact that it does not consume an elemental status counter even after the swirl happened. Rather than consuming the elemental status counter, it renews the original elemental status. Basically, you will be given two elemental reaction combinations in just one elemental status counter.

Let’s take an example. You are up against a monster that does not have an innate element called Hilichurl and you cast a skill for Kaeya placing a Cryo elemental status counter on the monster. Then, the skill of Sucrose is used to make the swirl reaction triggered. After the skill, apparently, the Cryo status will remain on the monster, making it possible for you to trigger a melt elemental reaction from Diluc.

However, if you combine Kaeya and Diluc right away, the Hilichurl will no longer have an elemental status counter for you to trigger any more elemental reaction.

About Elemental Reaction

In the game called Genshin Impact, when two elements make contact with each other, the elemental reaction can be triggered. The variation of the elemental reaction that is triggered depends on the element. It is able to cause either an added burst damage bonus, negative buffs, area of effect damage or damage over time.

Slimes and a few other monsters already have built in elements and pulling out an elemental skill will trigger a reaction instantly. In addition, there are also a few monsters that have no element and a reaction can be triggered forcefully by throwing two different elements sequentially.

Some other elemental reactions

  • Crystallized

The crystallized elemental reaction occurs with either Pyro, Hydro, Cryo or Electro elements. This one works like Anemo with an exception. Unlike Anemo, it focuses on defense. When this reaction is triggered, an elemental crystal will be dropped by the monsters. It matches the current elemental status counter on the monster.

Once this orb is earned, an elemental shield that absorbs all incoming damage will be created. Apparently, the shield will be more effective against the matching element of the monsters attacking you. For example, Pyro attacks against Pyro Shield. Keep in mind that the strength of the shield is based on the elemental mastery and level of the character. Another thing that is worth noting is the fact that geo does not create any non-elemental monsters like the behavior of Anemo. However, the case is different when you manually put an elemental status counter first.

  • Burning

Burning happens when you apply Pyro to Dendro. The Pyro damage will be applied over time until it fades or put off by water elements. Currently, there is no Dendro character in the game. In fact, the other elemental reactions aside from burning are not triggered by Dendro. Besides the plant monsters that love to hide underground called Dendro slimes, the shields from a few Hilichurls are considered Dendro elements. It means you are able to catch them on fire if a Pyro skill is casted on them.

For those who spend more time playing, you will be able to meet some Hilichurl mages that have a wall of vines surrounding their place. It is able to be removed by using Pyro elemental skills.

  • Melt

If you want to trigger melt in Genshin Impact, all that you have to do is to hit Cyro with a Pyro element. Apart from that, doing another way around is also possible. Compared to overload, this one is different because it will not add separate elemental reaction damage. Instead of doing so, the current elemental attack damage will be multiplied, depending on the sequence of elemental status counters.

Apparently, your Cryo damage will be multiplied by 1.5 times when you try to apply a Cryo skill on a monster with a Pyro elemental status corner and your attack will be multiplied by 2 times when a Pyro skill is applied on a monster with Cryo element status. Tipos de Versos

There are several things that affect this elemental reaction, including the attack of the character, elemental mastery and the other damage calculations such as critical damage. You will need to know that if the critical rate triggers during the elemental attack, it will also be multiplied.

According to theory, it can cause reaction damage if you compared it to overload once the attack stats reach a specific threshold. However, it lacks the support characters, which usually have attacks stats that are lower. It will cause elemental reaction damage.

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How to Increase Swirl Damage | Genshin Impact Tier List

Swirl is one of the things that is included as elemental reactions in Genshin Impact. This one happens when an opponent is hit by using either Pyro, Hydro, Cry






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