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Even though Genshin Impact is counted as an RPG game, there is an innovative co-op mode offered by the developers. This feature makes it possible for up to four players to adventure simultaneously. They are able to do a few things, including taking on domains and monsters, hunting for treasures, and exploring the world of Tevyat together. Are you interested in trying it with your friends? Here is everything that you have to take a note of.

What should be done to host and join co-op multiplayer in Genshin Impact?

Players have to keep in mind that the co-op mode is only available for those with Adventure Rank 16. Aside from that, it is possible to cross play between PC, Mobile and PlayStation 4 if the players are on the same regional server. Those are the requirements to play together with friends.

There are two different terms to call it: cross play and cross save. As mentioned earlier, it is a must for you to reach Adventure Rank 16 and do a few quests to be able to cross splay. As for the cross save, it refers to the one that is only available between the mobile versions such as Android and iOS and the PC version of the game. There is no possibility of those with PS4 to play it.

PlatformCross SaveCross Play

The method to play co-op in a random lobby is actually easy and not complicated at all. All that the players can do is to simply click on the co-op mode and make a request to join the online channels. However, it is needed for them (the host) to alter the channel settings to play with friends.

The multiplayer has to be unlocked to make multiplayer possible. To do so, first of all, you will have to reach Adventurer Rank 16. For those who are confused, it is different from the actual level of the character. This one is able to be raised by completing quests. It might take a few hours to accomplish. Actually, it is easy for those who have played MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV or Dragon Quest X.

Once the multiplayer has been unlocked, players up to three can be invited to join for dungeon and exploration. Basically, the whole thing can consist of four of more than one. One player will be a host and the rest of the tree will be coming to their version of the world. Feel free to explore the map, run together, and do all the activities in the open world.

You will need to know the UID numbers of your friends to make everything possible. At the beginning of the Genshin Impact journey, a UID of a unique identifier number is given to each player. In case you are not familiar with it, this one is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. upon seeing the number, you will need to share it with your friend if they are the host and if you are a host, you will need to ask your friends about theirs. In the end, people up to four can enjoy their own world. Before trying it, do not forget that the cross play is limited to particular regions. All the players included have to be on the same server.

What are the activities to do in co-op mode?

There are a few restrictions that come with the co-op mode in Genshin Impact. Story Quests, Spiral Abyss, Shops, Oculi, chests and some other main features of the game are not available for the second player. It means the rule is different for the host player as they can still enjoy these features without having any of these limitations.

There are some things that you cannot do in this mode, including:

  • Any story quests. Everyone is paused when co-op starts.
  • Spiral Abyss, a special, multi floor dungeon that you will unlock at AR20.
  • Shops are able to be used by players.
  • When in the world of another player, picking up Amenoculus or the thing that can be collected to boost your stamina called Geoculus is prohibited. Some other ones that are not allowed include opening chests or making offerings to the Statues of the Seven.

Do remember that every point listed above cannot be applied to the host. They can still do everything.  Despite having so many restrictions, the multiplayer feature is still fun and players can still enjoy everything with several quests, including the daily quests and world quests. Besides, there are always a lot of resources to gather and monsters to hunt.

What are the missions that can be completed in co-op? Apparently, the main missions cannot be completed in co-op at all. In this case, the best thing that you can do is to not focus on these while you reach Level 16, leaving the side quests and world quests for co-op.

There was also an event for the co-op mode that was introduced by miHoYo called Elemental Crucible. The time for this item was limited. This one was held between October 12 to October 19, 2020. Everyone loved to play more such events with their friends.

Is multiplayer worth trying?

Releasing the cross play feature was a good move done by miHoYo, since it means players do not have to worry about playing the game with their friends on the same platform. The good point is that it means more people are encouraged to play this game, and maybe feel good to experience it with their real world friends as well.

However, despite the hype of the multiplayer feature on Genshin Impact, in fact, it is kind of overrated. Unlike the other titles, playing together with friends is a boring thing in this game, as stated by a popular Youtuber named MonkeyKingHero talked about the co-op mode of this game on a Youtube video.

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How to Play Genshin Impact Multiplayer Co Op With Friends | Genshin Impact Tier List

Even though Genshin Impact is counted as an RPG game, there is an innovative co-op mode offered by the developers. This feature makes it possible for up to fou






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