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Lisa refers to a chief librarian of the Knights of Favonius. She is named as one of the free characters in the game that you can unlock in the early game. She is usually used as a support character with her specialty in Electro skills and abilities. She also causes a status ailment that is good at boosting damage enemies take when hit by the next lightning damage. Are you looking for the best build for Lisa in Genshin Impact?

If you compare to the other Electro characters, Lisa is not counted as one of the best characters in the game. The plus point is that she is free to unlock. It means you do not have to use shop purchases to unlock her. If you compare her to the other characters in the game that are free, she is one of the best. Her Electro skills take a big part that make her one of the best.

For everyone who is looking for a good one that can support your team, then you might want to consider Lisa. As mentioned earlier, she is mainly focused on stunning enemies by using her skills, while strengthening either her attack or the amount of energy that she can earn.

The best build of Lisa in Genshin Impact

According to PCGamesN, the best build for Lisa is a support that focuses on empowering her Elemental Burst ability. This one is really good for dealing with bosses. The weakness is that it will not get too much out of it due to the conductive status ailment being removed after each held button burst attack. Nevertheless, there are still a few items that you can consider to equip.

If you are dreaming to make Lisa focus on damage output, it is better for you to equip the Skyward Atlas. This item has the ability to increase the elemental damage of Lisa by a significant chunk. With it, her normal attacks can be enabled to gain a 50% chance to generate clouds that seek closest enemies for 15 seconds. The effect can show up at least once every 30 seconds and can deal at the very least 160% of the attack damage that Lisa has. When it is fully upgraded, the chance rises to as high as 320%.

You might also want to get the Favonius Codex that you can use to refill the energy quickly. There is at least a 60% chance (up to 100%) of the Critical hits to generate an elemental orb. Six energy is generated by this for the character and happens at least once every 12 seconds or down to 6 seconds when fully upgraded.

As for the artifacts, the best option is Noblesse Oblige. This one offers a big 20% boost to Elemental Burst damage and it also has the ability to bolster the attack of the party member by 20% for 12 seconds. The sad news is that it does not stack.

If Noblesse Oblige does not meet your taste and you are looking for something else, the alternative that you might want to consider is the Thundering Fury set. This one gives a flat 15% Electro damage bonus. Plus, it also increases the elemental reaction damage that is caused by the Overload, Electro Charged, and Superconduct by 40% once every 0.8 seconds. When you trigger one of the mentioned effects, the elemental skill cooldowns can be decreased by one second. For those who are using free characters, Amber and Kaeya give a lot of chances to trigger two effects named Superconduct and Overload. It means investing the Thundering Fury set is worth trying when you can.

The abilities of Lisa in Genshin Impact

Normal Attack: Lightning Touch

    • Normal attack: It can be used up to four lightning attacks that deal Electro damage.
    • Charged attack: This type of attack takes a lot of stamina to get the deal area of effect Electro damage after a short casting time.
    • Plunging attack: With this kind of attack, Lisa will fall on the ground from the mid air. The action will damage all enemies in her path, dealing area of effect Electro damage when she hits the ground.

Elemental Skill: Violet Arc

You can hit the button if you want to let go of a homing lightning orb. The orb will deal the Electro damage when it hits its target and it gives a stack of a conductive status ailment to those enemies that are in the small area of effect. The maximum stack of it is three.

The lightning will go to the enemies from the sky when you hold it and after a long casting time. Doing so will cause a large amount of Electro damage to the closest enemies. As for the bolts, they will get extra damage based on the conductive status. However, all the stacks of this status ailment will also be cleared from the enemy after them taking the damage.

Elemental Burst: Lightning Rose

A Lightning Rose is summoned. This one is capable of unleashing lightning bolts that surround enemies and deal Electro damage. The light will keep radiating to drive away the enemies, dealing Electro damage for as long as it is still there.

The constellations of Lisa

    • Infinite Circuit
    • Electromagnetic Field
    • Resonant Thunder
    • Plasma Eruption
    • Electrocute
    • Pulsating Witch

The passive talents of Lisa

    • Induced Aftershock: This one is hit by charged attacks applies the conductive status of Violet Arc to enemies.
    • Static Electricity Field: The defense of each enemy that is hit by the Lightning Rose will be decreased by 15% for 10 seconds.
    • General Pharmaceutics: There is a 20% chance of Lisa to refund a portion of the materials that are used to craft it.

This is the information about best built for Lisa in Genshin Impact. for more information and for more suggestions, do visit the community of the game where the others gather. The characters in the game mostly need purchasing something in the shop to form a best build.

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Lisa Build Guide | Genshin Impact Tier List

Lisa refers to a chief librarian of the Knights of Favonius. She is named as one of the free characters in the game that you can unlock in the early game. She






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