Lynette Build Guide | Genshin Impact Tier List

Lynette Build Guide | Genshin Impact Tier List




Predicted to be Lyney’s twins, Lynette comes in as a cute and sweet girl, unlike Lyney who comes in male. In the teaser of Genshin Impact Teyvat Chapter Storyline, Lynette is shown along with Lyney in the same frame. Of course, many Genshin Impact speculates they are really twins.

Unfortunately, Lynette is not still available in the game, considering she is just in the teaser. Though she has not come to the game yet but a lot of fans really look for the best build for her as a preparation for Lynette to be part of their party members.

Well, the only thing that you should do know is to find out the information about her. By knowing more about her, we’ll understand her background until she is finally available in the game. Let’s find out about her below!

Lynette Character’s Overview

As you see in the teaser, Lynette seems to be a character that fans’ favorite. Lynette is an upcoming playable character who was first seen in the teaser of Teyvat Chapter Storyline Act IV. She is predicted as Lyney’s twins as they are shown in the teaser together.

You know that Lyney comes in male character, it’s different from Lynette in which she  precisely comes in female character. She is a young girl who has pale skin, violet eyes, a tail and also cat-like ears. On her left cheek, she also has a star-shaped mark, a mark that Lyney also has. Well, it can be a clear and obvious sign that they are really twins.

In the teaser, you can see that she wears a short dark cape attached to her clothes with a bow. Which makes her more attractive is that she covers her body with white sleeves over a black lace leotard and a short ruffled skirt. She also wears boots, tights and also gloves.

Where Does Lynette Come From?

According to Genshin Impact Wiki, Lynette comes from Fontaine, as the region of water. Fontaine is an unreleased region as part of the seven nations in Teyvat. This is a city-state in which the God of Justice is a worship, Hydro Archon. Fontaine becomes a state which is represented as the God of Justice Lives for the spectacle of the countroom to consider all other gods.

Fontaine prides itself as the hub of arts and cultures among the nations of Teyvat. This region is represented as ‘true beauty and elegance’, becoming a traveling merchant from the nation. The Court of Fontaine named Steambird as the main newspaper and has writers from all across Teyvat.

The Fontaine region is inspired by France which means ‘fountain’ in French. Fountaine is transliterated into Chinese differently. The Fontainebleau is a commune which can be found in the metropolitan area of Paris, France. Moreover, Fontaine becomes a region where the Kamera comes from as told by Xu when giving you the Snapshots world quest.

Fontaine also becomes a region where Xingqui’s novel entitled “The Legend of Sword” is popular. Gaiman, a novelist at the Sea of Clouds comes from Fontaine too. Caspar located nearest the dock of Wangshu Inn comes from Fontaine. He actually tells that the Liyue’s scenery is different from Fontaine. Besides, a traveling merchant named Francis who is in Xinyue Kiosk and Liuli Pavilion at day and night in Liyue Harbor also come from Fontaine. He is represented by wearing a tophat, vest and bowtie.

Lynette’s Element Speculation

Most Genshin Impact fans speculate that Lynette is going to water/ hydro element, judging from her kind of bluish theme she has going on his clothing. Unlike for Lyney’s element speculation, a lot of fans guess that Lyney  will come in fire/ Pyro element. Aside from that,  there are some reasons why fans guess that Lynette will be going to the water element. One of the reasons is due to her coming from Fontaine as the region of water.

Will Be Lynette a Playable Genshin Impact Character?

As you already watched in a teaser of Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, Lynette was promoted as a character which will have an essential role in Fontaine’s story. Lynette’s release will coincide with the release of the Fontaine region. Like other Genshin Impact characters, there will be a huge chance for us to see that she is a playable character in Genshin Impact.

To note: Lynette is an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact, of course there is information about Lynette’s best build that supports her to give the high damage in the battle.

Lynette’s Twins

Lynette comes to the Genshin Impact teaser along with Lyney who is predicted as the Lynette’s twins. They are showing in the frame on the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview Act IV, Fontaine together. That can be a clear indicator that they are totally twins.

You may wonder who Lyney is. In Genshin Impact, Lyney is an upcoming playable character who will come to the game soon. He initially appears in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview ACT IV, Fontaine. From its preview, many fans are sure that he will come to the game immediately.

Lyney is represented as a young man who has violet eyes, short pale hair pulled back in a braided style with pale skin. Which makes him more gorgeous is that he has a tear-shaped mark on his right cheek. In the preview teaser, he wears a black cape  and a top hat with a red ribbon. For under parts, he also wears a sleeveless white shirt with a black corset, black shorts and white sleeves. On his hand, he wears white and black gloves.

Just like Lynette, Lyney also comes from Fontaine (unreleased region) as one of the seven nations in Teyvat. A lot of Genshin Impact fans speculate that Lyney is going to be a fire/ pyro element. That’s because fans see from his kind of reddish theme he has going on his clothing in the teaser. Besides, because they are twins, they will have the opposite elements, Lynette’s element is water and Lyney’s element is fire.

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Lynette Build Guide | Genshin Impact Tier List

Predicted to be Lyney’s twins, Lynette comes in as a cute and sweet girl, unlike Lyney who comes in male. In the teaser of Genshin Impact Teyvat Chapter Stor







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