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When you get any issues related to the game, we guess the only way that you will do is to contact miHoYo and then tell what your issue, don’t you? Unfortunately, miHoYo customer support won’t respond to your issue fast. It may take a very long time for days or even weeks to get a reply from miHoYo.

You may be a bit disappointed, considering the issue that you get is very complicated and needs very fast problem solvings. In fact, miHoYo customer support couldn’t make it happen at all. When you don’t get a reply from miHoYo,  you may think by contacting him via telephone, your issues will be resolved more quickly.

Well, is it possible for you to get the miHoYo’s phone number? See our post below!

Can You Get miHoYo Customer Support Phone Number?

We think you can’t get miHoYo customer support phone number, considering the only one way to contact them is by sending emails. Unfortunately, there’s no source which provides the phone number of miHoYo customer support. It means that if you get any issues related to the game including Genshin Impact, you can tell your issues to them with emails.

That’s a normal thing for gaming developers to keep their privacy not to provide customer support over the telephone line. Dealing directly with customers through telephone lines certainly has a high enough risk, from corporate security to cyber crime. So, it’s such a miHoYo regulation why you cannot contact them through telephone.

Instead, you can only contact miHoYo customer support with email [email protected]. Well, when you are getting any complicated issues, you can tell your issues and then send your email to customer support of miHoYo. At least, you should wait for the response from the miHoYo more than 2 days even more as they really need time to respond to your email.

Alternative Ways to Contact miHoYo

Aside from sending an email to miHoYo customer support, there are also plenty of alternative ways that you can do to get miHoYo’s response. Well, this post will also show the best ways to solve your issues related to the game without contact miHoYo customer support.

Here they are:

  • Through miHoYo Forum

We think that if you have any complicated issues related to the game, the easiest and effective way to solve your problem is by asking help with other players on miHoYo forum. As we know, there will be at least one or two threads on the forum which post the same issue as yours.

To tell your issue, you also have to make a post on miHoYo forum and ask them about your issue. By posting your complicated issue, you may get a faster response from the miHoYo’s members than waiting for a reply from miHoYo customer support.

If you are a Genshin Impact player which really needs help to solve your problem occuring in the game, you can join the Genshin Impact forum that you can access at https://www.hoyolab.com/genshin/.

To make a post in the Genshin Impact forum, you firstly must have an account. If you already don’t have an account, of course you should register first. To register on Genshin Impact forum, you can click on the miHoYo icon located on the top left. Then, you will see Account Log In, if you already have an account, you just enter your username and password.

Otherwise, if you want to make an account first, you should click on the Register Now option. You can then have to complete the registration form including email, verification code, password and don’t forget to checklist on Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. Once you complete the form, click on the Register button. If you succeed, you will be directed into the Genshin Impact forum.

If you are at the page of Genshin Impact forum, you can then create a post to tell your issue by clicking on ‘Create a post’ option on the top left of the page. Then, you can start to make a post and tell your problem.

Before you go on making a post to tell your problem, you can also search for the same thread with your problem first. To look for the member’s post well, you can type a specific single word such as error number, quest name, skill name, character name, and more via Magnifying glass icon.

If there’s a thread which has discussed the same as your problem, the post surely will show the result. If there’s no result, it means that none discusses the problem that you get. Well, it’s a time for you to start creating a post.

  • Through Feedback Option

If other posts and members on the forum can not solve your problem, you can take another way by contacting miHoYo through Feedback Option. We think that it’s the easiest and fastest way to directly contact miHoYo than sending them email. It’s because the FeedBack option is available in the game, so you can touch it anytime you play the game.

To tell your issue through the Feedback option, you have to click on Paimon to bring the menu. If you find it, click on the Feedback option which is commonly available in the last list of the menu. Once you click on Feedback, you have to choose the right option for you and then follow the instructions.

There will be some options related to your issue they are:

  • Submit feedback
  • In-game issues
  • Event issue
  • Installation file issue
  • Account issue
  • Top-up issue

Make sure to choose what the issues that you get. Once you choose an option, you can continue to tell your issue. From an option, there will be other specific questions which lead to your problem. You can see some questions to solve your problem.

If the questions on the list cannot also solve your problem, it’s time for you to tell your issue through the History option and Suggestion Box option. To tell your issue in the Suggestion Box, you can choose the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom of the Customer Service Page and you can then tell your issue.

Then, if you really need Customer Service assistance, you can click on History and then on the Contact CS button. That’s it!

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miHoYo Customer Support Phone Number | Genshin Impact Tier List

When you get any issues related to the game, we guess the only way that you will do is to contact miHoYo and then tell what your issue, don’t you? Unfortunat







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