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In Genshin Impact, there are tons of items that you can use for any purposes. The items here are divided into some sections including character, weapon, food, materials, quest items, precious items and gadgets. Well, the existence of these items can make it easier for you to create or do something in the game.

One of the items which become the people’s attention is Local Specialty categorized as Genshin Impact materials. In Local Specialty, you’ll find Qingxin flower which is exclusively found in Liyue region. What makes this material so important to have? To know more about this flower, let’s see our post below!

Qingxin Flower Overview

Qingxin Flower is described as a translucent white flower which can only grow on the highest stone peaks. This flower’s habit is to avoid the warmth and moisture of the plains to view afar from the solitary mountaintops. These flowers can exclusively be found around the Liyue region.

This flower is categorized as Local Specialty, meaning this material can only be found in Liyue. The Qingxin flower is commonly used for any purposes especially used as character Ascension material. The characters which use Qingxin for ascension are Ganyu and Xiao, both come in 5-stars characters.

Where to Find the Qingxin Flower?

As we’ve mentioned, the Qingxin flower is a Local Specialty which you can only find around the Liyue region. That’s not enough for you if you really desire to get this flower in Genshin Impact. Of course, you will need the exact location in Liyue where the Qingxin flowers are located.

Thankfully, this post will guide you on finding the Qingxin flower around Liyue. At least, there are four locations in Liyue where you can find this flower. To ease you reach the location, we’ll share them in each point below:

Location 1 – At Highest Points in Liyue

The first location where you can find Qingxin flower is in the highest points in Liyue. It means that this flower can be found on the top of mountains. They cannot be found in low altitude areas. Moreover, they are growing on the peaks of the tallest mountains.

Well, the only way that you should do it is  to head to the tops of mountains in Liyue region. Once you climb on it, you will easily find a line of the Qingxin flower in the peak of mountains. In this location, you can walk across the tops of the hills and then you’ll find about 15 Qingxin flowers in no time at all.

Location 2 – In Jueyun Karst

The second location you can find the Qingxin flowers is in Jueyun Karst. This is an area that you can find in Minlin, Liyue. This place is known as adepti’s residence. Commonly none dares to try to step foot here, but the braver one of desperate people still tries to look for the adepti for good fortune.

To reach this location, there are two Teleport Waypoints in this area, they are to the west leading towards Guili Plains and to southwest of the domain Taishan Mansion. The Karst Jueyun is the biggest collection of Qingxin flowers. Here, you will find over 30 Qingxin flowers in this region. Because this location is hard to reach, make sure that you should have enough stamina to climb across the peaks.

Location 3 – In Huaguang Stone Forest

The third location where the Qingxin flowers are located is in Huaguang Stone Forest. This forest is an area in Minlin, Liyue which is surrounded by three mountains, they are  Qingyun Peak to the east, Mt. Aozang to the north and Mt. Hulao to the southwest.

Because there are no Teleport Waypoints in this area, the only one way that you can do is by climbing on the surrounding mountains to easily reach it. The best place to start is by hopping between Mt. Hula and Mt. Aozang. Afterwards, you have to go over to Qingyun peak and then follow the mountain tops past Jueyun Karst.

Aside from Jueyun Karst and Huaguang Stone Forest, the other locations where you can also find the Qingxin flowers are Mingyun Village and Guyun Stone Forest.

Location 4 – At Bubu Pharmacy

Well, the last location in Liyue where you can get the Qingxin flower is at Bubu Pharmacy. If you’re getting hard to find this flower in those locations that we’ve mentioned above, you can finally purchase the Qingxin flower at Bubu Pharmacy which is renowned as the finest pharmacy in all of Liyue.

If you want to buy the Qingxin flower at Bubu Pharmacy, you surely have to grab them as soon as possible as the stock of items apart from the recipe refreshes every 3 days. The Qingxin flower costs 600 Mora with a total of 10 stocks which is refreshed everyday at 4:00. To access the Bubu Pharmacy shop, you firstly have to speak to Herbalist Gui and tell what you want to buy.

Well, those are all locations where you can find the Qingxin flowers in Liyue.

What’s the Qingxin Flower For?

The existence of the materials in Genshin Impact is not without purpose. So as with Qingxin flower, you absolutely can use it for:

Cooking food

One of the Genshin Impact foods which use the Qingxin flower as the ingredient is Tianshu Meat. You can obtain this recipe from Ms. Yu for reaching Reputation level 7 in Liyue. The material to make the Tianshu Meat are:

    • 4 x Raw Meat
    • 2 x Sugar
    • 1 x Qingxin
    • 1 x Matsutake

Character Ascensions

Aside from cooking Tianshu Meat, you can also use the Qingxin flower for character ascension. You can ascend two Genshin Impact characters by using the Qingxin flower, they are Ganyu and Xiao. Los secretos de jugar en línea

Ganyu will need Qingxin x3 (level 20 – 40), Qingxin x10 (level 40 – 50), Qingxin x20 (level 50 – 60), Qingxin x30 (level 60 – 70), Qingxin x45 (level 70 – 80) and Qingxin x60 (level 80 – 90)

Xiao will need Qingxin x3 (level 20 – 40), Qingxin x10 (level 40 – 50), Qingxin x20 (level 50 – 60), Qingxin x30 (level 60 – 70), Qingxin x45 (level 70 – 80) and Qingxin x60 (level 80 – 90).

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Qingxin Flower | Genshin Impact Tier List

In Genshin Impact, there are tons of items that you can use for any purposes. The items here are divided into some sections including character, weapon, food,







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