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One of the Genshin Impact side quests that you should complete is the Chi of Guyun. This quest requires you to solve some puzzles. You probably will get plenty of tasks that you should finish. The Chi of Guyun quest is such a complicated puzzle quest to finish. We think that you’ll get hard to complete this mission.

Don’t worry! This post will give you the quick guide of The Chi of Guyun quest to help you finally complete this mission as well as possible and all goals in this quest would come true. so, here’s how to finish The Chi of Guyun quest!

Firstly, you should talk to Yan’er near the teleport point in the South of Wuwang Hill.

Step 1 –  Investigate the Ruins

Investigating the ruins can be the first task that you should do in completing the Chi of Guyun quest. In this location, you have to defeat the Ruin Hunter located in the ruin. You can then read the ‘Incomplete Writing’. Once you defeat the Ruin Hunter, you should then investigate the ruins it was protecting. You have to find various statues near the large orange crystals which are jet out of the ground. Then, you need to approach those statues to continue the quest.

Step 2 – Finding the First Fragment

Once you interact with the statues, you have to go back and talk to the lady to obtain your next task. You will then be asked to look for the fragments which are located near the Geo Statues in the area. Finding the  fragments is likely a tricker way than the previous one because you have to solve a little puzzle.

To complete this task, you should find the fragments near the Geo Statues. You should then interact with this statue in a certain order to finish this mission. First, you need to interact with the north statue, second one the south east, third one the north west, then the north east one and the last the south west one.

The first fragment can be found directly west of the village nearby a waypoint shrine. It will be at the top of the hill behind it, in the middle of a shrine. Approach the fragment and there will be a particular order that you have to do to activate the various shines.

You can then choose the middle one, the one to the bottom right, the one to the left, the one to the top right and last one to the bottom right. By doing this, it can summon the chest to create the fragment. Afterwards, you have to locate the highest place in the village to get another puzzle.

Step 3 – Finding the Second Fragment

Your next task is to go north to Quigce village and talk to the locals to tell what you found on the stone. They will ask you to talk with Granny Ruoxin which is located at the center of the village at the top. Then, Granny will tell you the history of the Geo Chi and inform you the location where you can find more fragments.

To find the second fragment, you should explore the surrounding area and Ruoxin hints that you probably want to try the highest point on the mountain and any of the surrounding ruins. In order to find the second fragment easily, you can use a waypoint shrine to trip  faster. You will then confront the mountain that’s south of  that shrine and then climb it. However, that’s a hard climb, so make sure your way to the top and find the best cliff sides to rest on while you climb. However, it will help you to increase your energy as much as possible.

Once you reach the top, just like the previous shrine, you need to activate the statues in a particular order. Then, you only have to activate four. When you’re facing north, you have to activate the statue to the left of the small orange crystal.

The first one facing the large tree at the top of the hill in the water. The statue to the left of that one and the last one will be facing a green pine that’s on the hill, it’s facing the flat mountain top. Then, a chest will spawn when you already activate all four, granting you the next fragment.

Step 4 – Finding the Third Fragments

After finding the second fragment, you’ll be required to look for the third fragment. To find the third fragment, you should go to the northeast of Qingce Village. You can then climb the tall cliff to the top and you will locate seven Geo Statues. In order to successfully get the third fragment, you surely have to interact with Geo Statues in right orders. See the picture above, to ease you to interact with Geo Statues.

Step 5 – Search Vault

Once you have all fragments and solve the puzzle, you have to return to Ruoxin to get the next task. For the next task, you have to find your way inside of the vault which must be behind a waterfall to the northwest of your current position.

After you arrive at the location, you can then go to the waterfall’s right. There, you will find a small pathway in the cave and continue inside to enter the vault. Inside the vault, you will find a small group of Treasure Hoarder enemies. Beat them out and approach the crystal on the stand and then activate it. You should protect a chance from waves of Ruin Guards when you do it. It’s because your enemies will come in a wave of one and a Ruin Hunter. You surely want a ranged character for the Ruin Hunter to make it easier to eliminate.

Once you defeat the waves of monsters, you need to look for the vault for the treasure you were looking to acquire. Continue to the back of the cave where there’s a room full of chests. Well, the center chest will provide what you are searching for, however, the other chests will have additional items which make the quest a worthwhile venture.

You can then return to Ruoxin after you completely loot the area to finally complete the quest.

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The Chi of Guyun Quest Quick Guide | Genshin Impact Tier List

One of the Genshin Impact side quests that you should complete is the Chi of Guyun. This quest requires you to solve some puzzles. You probably will get plenty






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