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When you are playing Genshin Impact, you may ever find a hand symbol which suddenly appears on your screen. What comes to your mind when you see it? Does it make you think hard for what it’s for in Genshin Impact? If so, you’re not alone as there are a lot of players who think the same with you.

Well, most of them do not know why the hand symbol appears during the game. Thankfully, this post will inform you of the meaning of the hand symbol appearing during the game. Let’s find out the facts below!

What’s the Hand Symbol for in Genshin Impact?

In fact, the hand symbol which suddenly appears during the game refers to the character’s passive talents where all the local specialties are and also help to get the Battle Pass task done. The only one Genshin Impact character associated with the hand symbol is Klee referring to her passive ability named All of My Treasure. It means that if the hand symbol appears on your screen during the game, it’s a passive talent for Klee to know where you can get the Battle Pass quest.

At least, there are three passive talents that Klee has in Genshin Impact, they are:

  1. All of My Treasure

The first Klee’s passive talent is really shown by the hand symbol on the mini-map. Well, the hand symbol here will show the location of nearby resources unique to Mondstatd on the mini-map. So, when you are playing the game and see the hand symbol, you will notice that there are nearby resources you’ll find around. However, this is Klee’s passive talent 3, but we list this talent first as it refers to the hand symbol that suddenly appears on Genshin Impact mini-map.

  1. Pounding Surprise

When Normal Attacks and Jumpy Dumpty deal Damage, Klee will have a 50% chance to get an Explosive Spark. Then, the Explosive Spark here will be consumed by the next charged attack that cost no stamina and deal 50% increased DMG. This is Klee’s Passive Talent 1.

  1. Sparkling Burst

The last Klee’s passive talent works when a Charged Attack results in a CRIT, all party members will get two Elemental Energy. This is Klee’s Passive Talent 2.

The point is, you will see the hand symbol on your mini-map when there are any resources nearby in your location.

Aside from the passive talents, Klee also has more talents which really works in combat. What are they? So, let’s find them below!

  1. Kaboom

This is one of the Klee’s abilities in Genshin Impact which consists of 3 attacks including Normal, Charged and Plunging Attack. For the Normal Attack, it throws things which go boom when they hit the things. The normal attacks also perform up to three explosive attacks which deal AoE Pyro Damage.

For the Charged Attack, it consumes a certain amount of Stamina and also deals Pyro AoE to the opponent once a short casting time. While, for Plunging Attack, it will gather the Pyro’s power in which Klee plunges towards the ground from mid-air to damage all enemies in her path. Besides, it can also deal AoE Pyro DMG upon impact with the ground.

  1. Jumpy Dumpty

This is tons of boom-bang fun. When it is thrown, the Jumpy Dumpty will bounce thrice, ignite and deal AoE Pyro Damage with every bounce. Well, on the third bounce, the bomb will split into many mines. Well, the mines here will explode after contact with opponents or after a short period of time which deal AoE Pyro Damage. It starts with 2 Charges.

  1. Sparks n Splash

This Klee’s ability will be blazing delight. For the duration of this ability, it continuously summons Spark n Splash to attack nearby opponents and deal AoE Pyro Damage.

Klee Character Overview

Lately, Klee has been quite busy being talked about by gamers around the world. The reason is, she is a new character who is cute and adorable. She is a Genshin Impact character who has a cute and adorable girl appearance but can give a big explosion. Klee is a five star character who uses a Catalyst type weapon.

As a member of the Knight of Favonius, her fighting abilities should not be underestimated. Klee is an expert in explosives, so they often spend her time in the Knight of Favonius room preparing his supplies. No wonder, her abilities did away with an explosive effect. Klee comes with a Pyro element, so her normal attacks can throw explosive balls.

Well, To use Klee in Genshin Impact is very easy, you just need to find the target monster you want to attack then hold down the left mouse click for a few seconds to bring up the radius of its long range attack. Then proceed with character swap combos according to your flagship party line up system.

Because Klee has a big damage attack, it’s no wonder why people want to make the best possible build of their characters from weapon items to artifacts that make their attacks even more painful. The following is the most powerful Klee build:

Klee Pyro DPS

Klee is the best character build in the genshin impact game because basically she has basic attacks to other active skills that are capable of giving big attacks to the monsters in front of her.

Klee’s Best Artifact

The best artifact for Klee is Crimson Witch of Flame 4-Set as this can increase fire elemental attacks and also increase the basic attack. If 4 Crimson Witch items are successfully collected, it will have an effect including:

  • The artifact will increase Overload and burning damage by 40%.
  • The artifact will increase Vaporize and Melt damage by 15%.
  • Pyro Klee’s elemental skill will increase by 50% and is able to provide a maximum of 3 stacks which can provide large additional damage.

Klee’s Best Weapon

The best weapon for Klee is Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. This weapon can increase Movement Speed by 10%. In combat, it will get an 8% Elemental DMG bonus every 4 seconds  with maximum 4 stacks.

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The Hand Symbol Meaning in Genshin Impact | Genshin Impact Tier List

When you are playing Genshin Impact, you may ever find a hand symbol which suddenly appears on your screen. What comes to your mind when you see it? Does it ma






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