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When you’re playing the Genshin Impact game, you may find a star icon in the middle of the game. You may ignore it as you think that there is nothing on the screen either the star icon appears or disappears. Whereas, this icon really helps you in the game, signaling you there are some resources that you can find nearby.

Well, if you find a star icon again in the game, please don’t ignore it. So, what are the benefits that you can get from the star icon? Let’s find out below!

What Does The Star Icon Stand For?

The star icon commonly appears on mini-map. This icon may suddenly come into view during the game. For the first time, the star icon is seen on the mini-map, you probably ignore it as it does not give any effects to the game. Over time when you are at that location, the star icon may appear frequently. Then, you may look for what the star icon stands for in the game.

In fact, the star icon appears in the game to signal you that there are plenty of collectible items nearby that you can turn into the Statues of the Seven. Of course, the items that you will get there are really different depending on the region you are in.

    1. Mondstadt – Anemoculus (Small blue winged orb).

If you are in Mondstadt region, when the star icon appear on mini map, you will have a chance to get Anemoculus which is marked with small blue winged orb. In Genshin Impact, Anemoculus is a substance infused with Anemo element that can help you to level up the Anemo Statues of The Seven found across the Mondstadt region.

The Anemo Statues of the Seven which relevantly levels up can give you various boons, depending on the amount of Anemoculus offered. In Mondstadt, at least you will find about 65 Anemoculus.

There are exactly 65 Anemoculus that you can find in Mondstadt, but you will only need 65 Anemoculus to complete the level progression of the Mondstadt Statues of the Seven. Even though you gather more, you will need to have reached the third part of the prologue to obtain them all.

Well, with the star icon appearing on your mini-map, it will help you to get them nearby. So, you can then grab the Anemoculus in the location where you are in.

    1. Liyue – Geoculus (Small orange crystal)

Unlike in Mondstadt in which you can get the Anemoculus, in Liyue, you will get Geoculus marked by a small orange crystal. Geoculus is an Adventure Item found scattered across Liyue. If you get them, you can then offer them to any Statue of the Seven in Liyue for the rewards. Need to know that you can just find Geoculi in the overworld as they will not appear in chests.

Geoculi are also limited items that do not respawn. Well, a star icon will appear on a mini map along with a sound effect when an overworld Geculus is within close proximity of a player. You can then also use a Geoculus Resonance Stone to be directed to the location of nearby Geoculi.

The point is, you are able to collect the items and then devote them to any statue that you find to increase  your Adventure Experience, stamina, and also other rewards. The items are sometimes hidden behind the pile of rocks and might require smashing rocks, exploding something or climbing up trees etc.

Moreover, you can attack the three piled rocks with a claymore. When you use Element Sight, it will bring to light the smashable rocks orange which  indicate you can do something with it. So, if you see the star icon on your mini-map, it means that there are Anemoculus or Geoculus nearby depending on your location.

Other Icons You’ll Find on Mini-Map

Aside from a star icon, you can also find other icons which will suddenly appear on mini-map. What are they? Let’s see them below!

    • Hand Icon

The hand icon  which suddenly appears during the game refers to Klee’s passive talent. The icon signals you where all the local specialties are located. It also helps you to get the Battle Pass task done. The Klee’s passive talent which can show the hand icon is All of My Treasure as the third Klee’s Passive Talent.

It means that if the hand symbol appears on your screen during the game, it’s a passive talent for Klee to know where you can get the Battle Pass quest. The hand symbol here will show the location of nearby resources unique to Mondstatd on the mini-map. So, when you are playing the game and see the hand symbol, you will notice that there are nearby resources you’ll find around.

    • Ore Icon

If you find Ore icons on your mini-map, it refers to Ningguang’s Passive Talent 3 named Trove of Marvelous Treasure. Her skill actually displays the location of nearby ore veins including white iron ore, crystal ore, iron ore and magical crystal ore that you can find on the mini-map.

    • More Resources Icons

Apart from hand icon, star icon and also ore icon, there will be more icons appearing on mini-map which signal you that there are collectible items nearby. There are some characters who have the passive talent that can show the icon to inform you where any resources are located near your location on the map.

One of the characters which has the passive talent ro signal nearby resources is Qiqi. Her Passive Talent 3 is Former Life Memories. Well, her talent definitely displays the location of nearby resources unique to Liyue on the mini-map.

Well, if you find any icons which suddenly appear on your mini-map, you should think that there are plenty of collectible items that you can gather nearby. So, grab the location where the icon is located and then get any Genshin Impact resources there.

We think that there are still plenty of icons that you may find on mini-map. Unfortunately, we just show some of them for you. Keep looking for the other icons on other posts!

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What Do The Stars on The Map Mean Genshin Impact? | Genshin Impact Tier List

When you’re playing the Genshin Impact game, you may find a star icon in the middle of the game. You may ignore it as you think that there is nothing on the







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