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Do you looking for the information about Mondstadt? If so, you are at the right page, here we will talk about Mondstadt or Moon city. To get that information, ensure you will read this entire article.

About Mondstadt (Moon City)

Mondstadt or Moon City is one of the seven nations in Teyvat. Also, the first in which the Traveler starts to look for their lost sibling. Mondstadt is a city that worships the Anemo Archon (Barbatos). Since start, Moon city, Mondstadt has already celebrated a festival named the Ludi Harpastum every year, including 15 days of games to relish for the children.

In this nation, the Prologue takes place. Travail, Dainsleif talk about Mondstadt in Teyvat Chapter Storyline preview. He said that the dragon who protected Mondstadt for a millennium eventually gets his perturbation. What does independence mean, once demanded of you by a God?

Description of Mondstadt (Moon City)

According to the official site of Genshin Impact, Moon City or Mondstadt is a city of independence which lies in the northeast of Teyvat. From amongst the mountains and also wide-open plains, the carefree breezes take the scent of dandelions, a prize from the Anemo God, Barbatos, across Cider Lake to Mondstadt that sits in the middle of the lake on an island.

History of Mondstadt (Moon City)

Now, let us talk about the history of Mondstadt or Moon City. Based on the research, Mondstadt (Moon city) was divided between two hostile powers: the Anemo Archon (Decarabian), and the King of the North (Andrius). We get information that Andrius was not able to lay a scratch on Decarabian’s tower, that was protected by fierce gales. Although Decarabian protected his people, but he gave them no freedom. Even, they would never be able to leave the storm walls which surrounded the city.

Wish one day can see the rest of the world, a Nameless Bard who led a rebellion against Decarabian with the help of an Elf (the elemental spirit who would be Barbatos), Decarabian’s former lover Amos, and an unnamed knight. In fact, Decarabian was beaten, however with a great cost. The Nameless Bard was among those who fell in the Battle. After Andrius selected to forego the position of Anemo Archon, and instead passed on to become one with the land, Barbatos became the new Anemo Archon and also reshaped Mondstadt nation into its current landscape. After the Archon War ended, Barbatos also become one of the founding members of The Seven. At some point, Dvalin the dragon was born, and befriended with Barbatos.

Later, the Anemo Archon departed from Mondstadt nation to avoid himself becoming a tyrant. Finally, the city was ruled by aristocrats. Unfortunately, once the next thousand years, they became more corrupt until they became the very tyrants Barbatos wanted to avoid becoming, Reawaken to the cries of a slave girl, Vennessa, Barbatos helped her rebellion and then the aristocracy was overthrown. Later, she built the Knights of Favonius to avoid any aristocrats from taking over again. She was known as the Dandelion Knight, and also rebuilt the power of the Church. Finally, the Four Winds were found. Andrius’ spirit had taken on the form of a wolf made of ice and wind, became the Wolf of the North. Dvalin became the Dragon of the East. Vennessa became the Falcon of the West. And whoever holds the title of Dandelion Knight becomes the Lion of the South.

After the fall of the Kingdom of Khaenri’ah, about a hundred years ago, that city was attacked by the black serpentine dragon Durin who was made by an alchemist named Gold. Then, Barbatos summoned Dvalin to battle Durin. Finally, Dvalin emerged victorious after an intense battle over Dragonspine. Later, injured by Durin’s poisonous blood, Dvalin fell into a deepsleep. Aside from that, six months ago, the current Grand Master, Varka, preside the majority of Knight of Favonius on an expedition to parts unknown. he leave Jean as the Acting Grand Master. At the beginning of the story, Mondstadt nation was being attacked by a dragon called Stormterror.

Genshin Impact Mondstadt Areas


This is the namesake of the nation. It has cobblestone streets and also has some windmills both big and small dotting the city. The lower area his the market district, while the upper area is for the Cathedral and the Library.

Cider Lake

This is a natural freshwater lake. The lake’s wide and crystalline appearance has remained unchanged for eons. It is very clear so that you are able to see the bottom. Also, it is very cool and refreshing to drink.

Falcon Coast

Together with Cape Oath, Falcon Coast shelters the sea from three sides. They made a bay which sits east of Mondstadt. Due to the long coastline and shallow waters, Mondstadt citizens come here frequently to enjoy a nice stroll. On occasion, you will be able to see falcons soaring high above the blue waves which brush upon the white sand.

Cape Oath

In the southeast corner of Mondstadt surrounds a promontory which bordering Galesong Hill. Legend has it that two lovers created vows to each other here, and then leaving a very touching story. Until now, the area is still known to be popular with young lovers. Apart from being a good vantage point for watching the sun rise and set, the fallen plains create it easy to see the Windrise that sits facing the sea.

Dawn Winery

It is located in the land south west of Mondstadt. Here the grapes grown are used to produce a range of wines which are popular right across Teyvat. The products are divided every year with a portion being sold locally. The rest is sold off via the trade route which sits south of the city.


This is a little village to the south of Mondstadt. It sits facing the lake that surrounds the city. Most of the village’s residents are hunters who provide fresh meat for all the big restaurants of Mondstadt. Springvale’s rustic attracts lots of tourists. If you are lucky in your travels, you are able to come across a restaurant which really knows how to bring out the best qualities of Springvale’s meat. Chat Gay

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What is Mondstadt (Moon City) | Genshin Impact Tier List

Do you looking for the information about Mondstadt? If so, you are at the right page, here we will talk about Mondstadt or Moon city. To get that information,







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