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The characters in Genshin Impact are the most important factors that you have to choose for any battle. Recently, there are 24 unique characters that you can find in the game. Of course, each has their own skills, weapons with passive bonuses and also come in different elements.

In Genshin Impact, the character seems likely to be a private knight which can give the great damage and do some crazy element combos in a party. Of course, choosing the strong characters for battle is totally a must-do for you. Unfortunately, not all players really know who the strong characters are in Genshin Impact.

Thankfully, this post will show you a list of the strongest characters which are worth and best for your battle. Here you go!

  1. Diluc

Diluc is well-known as the strongest and best DPS character that you can use in the game. He comes in 5-stars which can deal very large damage if the enemies do not have Pyro resistant. In fact, his normal attacks are mortal which makes him one of the best DPS characters in the game. If the player needs a character to knock the enemy out, Diluc can blow them up directly.

Diluc comes from Tier S who has the Pyro element. The type of weapon that he uses is Claymore. For Normal Attack, he will be great with a tempered Sword. For Elemental Skill – Searing Onslaught, he will take a forward slash that causes Pyro DMG. Players can use this skill three times quickly before cooldown. For Elemental Burst – Dawn, he will unleash phoenix flames to knock the enemy back down, dealing Pyro damage on its path and aim.

  1. Fischl

Fischl also comes from Tier S. As his movement and ability to combo with other characters lead her as the strong character that you should choose for battle. She usually will fight from a safe distance to defeat the enemies’ weak point.

Nightrider is a gorgeous skill of Fischl for making the Elemental Reactions. Players can also change to other characters after using skills to get more DPS. His Elemental Burst allows Fischl to run away at high speed while dealing damage to nearby enemies every time she is cornered.

The type weapon that she uses is Bow. For Normal Attack, she will be great with Bolts of Downfall. For Elemental Skill – Nightrider, she will summon Oz, an electric crow, to give AOE Electro damage to the enemy. For Elemental Burst – Midnight Phantasmagoria, it will change Fischl to be Oz and increase the movement speed and also give the Electro Damage to the enemies around.

  1. Venti

The next strong character that you can also find in Tier S is Venti. She actually has the power of the Anemo element. With the Anemo element, Venti can move quickly to avoid enemy attacks. The reason why Venti is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact is because of his ability to knock out many enemies for a long time, making him a great character in various situations.

She is able to get the players out of lots of extreme battles when there are too many enemies. Here, he can also help the players to solve puzzles and climb out. The type weapon that he uses is Bow. For Normal Attack, he will be great with Divine Marksmanship. For Elemental Skill – Skyward Sonnet, he will summon the wind upwards that will block the enemy, hold him in the air, and produce Anemo’s damage.. For Elemental Burst – Wind’s Grand Ode, he will shoot a giant wind arrow that sucks up enemies and drags them away while injuring them.

  1. Qiqi

You may also know this character reportedly, becoming the most popular character in Genshin Impact. She also comes from Tier S. Qiqi’s strength is not in her ability to deal damage, but in her ability to heal an entire party in large numbers. Players can add Qiqi to the team. Both of her skills are healing all parties members.

She absolutely has the power of the Cyro element. Coupled with sword weapons, Qiqi’s character has a high attack power to defeat his opponents. Her skill can also generate the Elemental Reactions which can freeze the enemies’ movement. You should remember, the more damage the attack has, the more Qiqi can heal, so heap a lot of damage items on him so that he can heal the party more.

The type weapon that she uses is the Sword. For Normal Attack, she will be great with Ancient Sword Art. For Elemental Skill – Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost, she will give the Cyro damage to the enemies around and mark them. For Elemental Burs – Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune, she will mark the nearby enemies and then give the Cryo damage overtime. However, fighting these enemies can heal everyone.

  1. Barbara

One of the strong characters which comes from Tier B is Barbara. We actually put Barbara as the strongest character as her ability to give high damage to the enemies around. She is also well-known as the highest damage dealer with the support healer role. The type of weapon that she uses is Catalyst. To note, she is a support character, not a DPS character.

  1. Noelle

Noelle is one of the strong characters that you can use in the game. She is a Geo elemental character in Tier C. She has a high level of durability. As her ordinary skills, Noelle is often underestimated and rarely used. If you use the right build, Noelle could be a pretty terrible DPS. Equipped with Claymore weapons, Noelle is able to be at the forefront of every battle.

  1. Keqing

Keqing is well-known as the character who has the highest damage dealer. She only deals high damage to enemies but marks them who remain alive. Her Elemental Burst allows her to give  massive electro damage. She  can also teleport using the Elemental Skill which can hit weak points with low CD. She also has very fast Charged Attack with high multipliers.

Well, those are the strongest characters that you can use in the Genshin Impact game.

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Who is the Strongest Character in Genshin Impact? | Genshin Impact Tier List

The characters in Genshin Impact are the most important factors that you have to choose for any battle. Recently, there are 24 unique characters that you can f







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