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In Genshin Impact, Yujing Terrace is one of locations that you can visit to find the Glaze Lily flowers. By the way, where is the location of it? Now, you may want to go there, but you do not know the track of it. Here, we are going to inform you about that.

Yujing Terrace Location

When you have a task to go to Yujing Terrace whether to find Glaze Lily or even for other quests, Yujing Terraces is located in Liyue Harbor which is exactly in the upper floors. To get there, you have to walk up from a lower Liyue Harbor waypoint, however it may be a trek. We suggest you to use the Mt. Tianheng waypoint to easily glide down to the terrace. It is a great option for you. If you go to the Yujing Terrace to discover the Glaze Lily flowers, once you arrive there, you are going to see the Glaze Lily flowers which spread throughout the area. In this area, the Glaze Lily  flowers have yet to bloom. So, in this area, the Glaze Lily flowers that you are going to find are the ones which are more bulbous.

There is a description regarding Yujing Terrace which is said that it is far from the bustling harbor. Yujing Terrace rises along with Mt. Tiangheng, here the Qixing and the leaders of a lot of enterprises drive Liyue’s prosperity and stability tirelessly. Based on Genshin Impact wiki, there are some NPCs in Yujing Terrace. As we know that NPC is a character in Genshin Impact game which is not controlled by a player. Generally, this character is controlled by the computer. They have a predetermined set of behaviours that will impact the game play.

Here are the NPCs that you are able to find in Yujing Terrace:

  • Fengyan. He is a Millelith Sergeant. He became a Millelith Sergent because of his powerness at unarmed combat.
  • Huixin. She is a secretary to the Qixing. You will be able to find her during the day in front of her workplace, the Yuehai Pavilion. But, in the night, she can be disocvered roaming around in the area before the Yujing Terrace.
  • Jinzhong. He is a Millelith.
  • Tieshan. Same with Jinzhing, he is also a Millelith.
  • Bu’yun. He is a guide, Jade Chamber.
  • Madame Ping. You are able to find her near Yujing Terrace and she admires flowers.
  • Musheng. He is an NPC that apperas in Yujing Terrace during the dar from 6:00 to 19:00.
  • Tac. In Genshin Impact game, he plays a role in the archon quest Downtown. In the quest, you will need to negotiate with him to be able to hire him as a laborer for the rite of parting.
  • Sturdy Wu. He is an NPC in the game of Genshin Impact that can be found in front of Gentry Maocai’s abode at Yujing Terrace. You will be able to find him guarding the entrance.

In addition, there are also some videos about Yujing Terrace on Youtube. If you want to watch those video to check the Yujing Terrace location before you find it in the game, so you are able to watch them. The videos that you can watch to check the location of Yujing Terrace are video of ZaFRostPet entitled Go To Yujing Terrace Genshin Impact, a video of LongLive Gaming entitled Yujing Terrace Liyue Harbor Glaze Lily & Silk Flower Location | Genshin Impact, a video of Jonooit entitled Geography Viewpoint Liyue #4: Yujing Terrace – Genshin Impact.

Liyue Harbor – Where Yujing Terrace Is

As we explained above that Yujing Terraces is located in Liyue Harbor. There is a  description regarding Liyue Harbor says that Liyue Harbor is a prosperous port city where there are a thousand ships dropping the anchor. Under the aegis of countless contracts and regulations, there are innumerable things that change hands and grace the seven nations with their presence.

In fact, this place is the main city of the Liyue nation. Rex Lapis takes his people south of Mt. Tianheng to discover this place where it was done during the Archon War after Guizhong died.

Apparently, there are many NPCs that you can find in Liyue Harbor. Here are some of them.

  • In Yujing Terrace, you will be able to find Bu’yun, Jinzhong, Madame Ping, Musheng, Sturdy Wu, Huixin, Fengyan, Tieshan, and Tac.
  • In Bubu Pharmacy, you will be able to find Chenxiang, Hongdou, Herbalist Gui, Ren’yu, Gentry De’an, Huixin, and Yikuo.
  • In Feiyun Slope, you will be able to find Big-footed Dajiao, Fan Er’ye, Changhu, Clerk Zhao, Ferrylady, Gentry Maocai, Gao Fei, Hongyu, Hao, Jiayi, Huihui, Jifang, Linlang, Licai, Nadia, Mu Chen, Tea Master Liu Su, Qiming, Vlad, Tiantian, Xu, Xingxi, Yi Zhu, Yi Xian, Yueshu, and Yicheng.
  • In Chihu Rock, you will be able to find Bibo, Cai Le, Cai Xun, Chaonan, Andrei, Bolai, Changchang, Chaoxi, Chunshui, Kun, Ivanovich, Sisi, Nervous An, Xiuhua, Zhang Chun, Nadia, Linlang, and Vlad.
  • In the Shopping Area, you will be able to find Brother Qian, Chef mao, Big-footed Dajiao, Captain Wu, Chen the Sharp, Dongsheng, Degui, Chuyi, Dugu Shou, Gentry De’an, Freki, Geri, Katheryne, Jiangzhou, Iron Tongue Tian, Qian, Master Zhang, Manager Kuan, Tai, Su Er’niang, Shitou, Granny Shan, Guanhai, Hongyi, Lan, Qian, Uncle Sun, Uncle Gao, The Halberd, The Fang, Zhiruo, Yiran, Ying’er and Xiangming.
  • In the Dockyar, you will be able to find Manager Xiao, Hammer Li, Reekwind, and Wrench Wang.
  • In the Harbor, you will be able to find Atsuko, Guanhai, Linling, Little Lulu, Little Fei, Little Meng, Gou San’er, Mr. Qiang, Pinghai, Ms. Yu, Siyu, Qiming, Zhihua, Yong’an, Wei, Uncle Sun, and Uncle Gao.
  • In Northland Bank, you will be able to find Andrei, Mister Qi and Ekaterina.
  • In the Liuli Pavilion, you will be able to find Francis and Hongru.
  • In the Xinyue Kiosk, you will be able to find Heli and Francis.
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Yujing Terrace Glaze Lily | Genshin Impact Tier List

In Genshin Impact, Yujing Terrace is one of locations that you can visit to find the Glaze Lily flowers. By the way, where is the location of it? Now, you may







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