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If you ever look for the location where the Glaze Lily, an ancient flower in Genshin Impact, you may be unfamiliar with Yunjing Terrace. Yeah… Yunjing Terrace is one of the locations that you will visit to find the Glaze Lily. Unfortunately, not all players really know the exact location where to find Yujing Terrace.

Thankfully, this post will show you the map of Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor. Let’s see the map below!

Here’s for the Map of Yujing Terrace!

Known, Yujing Terrace is possibly the best place that you can find in Genshin Impact to harvest the Glaze Lily. You can find Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor’s upper floors. According to Genshin Impact Wiki, Yujing Terrace is the area on the northwestern side of Liyue Harbor. Then, you can reach the location to the left of the northern Teleport Waypoint on the World Map. Once teleporting to that Waypoint, you can head straight and then turn right.

Aside from that way, to reach the location, you can walk up from a lower Liyue Harbor. You can also use the Mt. Tianheng Waypoint that will ease you to get the terrace.  Once you reach the location to find Glaze Lily, you should then notice where the Glaze Lily is scattered throughout the area.

You probably can find the Glaze Lilies which have yet to bloom, unlike in Qingce Village. So, the Glaze Lilies in Yujing Liyue will be more bulbous in shape. You can also find more Glaze Lilies in Liyue Harbor but they are rather scarce which make it not worth the trek.

What Will You Find in Yujing Terrace?

Aside from finding the Glaze Lily, you can also find some NPCs in Yujing Terrace which have a role in certain location. Who are they? See them below!

In Yuehai Pavilion, you will find:

  • Bu’yun is a guide, Jade Chamber.
  • Fengyan is a Millelith Sergeant. As his powerness at unarmed combat, he finally became a Millelith Sergeant.
  • Jinzhong is a Millelith.
  • Madame Ping admires flowers and can be found near Yujing Terrace.
  • Musheng is an NPC which can be met in Yujing Terrace during the day from 6:00 to 19:00.
  • Sturdy Wu is an NPC in Genshin Impact that you can find in front of Gentry Maocai’s abode at Yujing Terrace. He will be guarding at the entrance.
  • Tac has a role in the archon quest Downtown. To complete the quest, you should negotiate with him in order to hire him as a laborer for the rite of parting.
  • Tieshan is a Millelith.

In Bubu Pharmacy, you will find:

  • Chenxiang is an NPC that you can find near Bubu Pharmacy. She will always be found speaking to her daughter during daytime.
  • Gentry De’an is a manager of the Minghua Company and also the father of Huachu. You can find him near the Adventurer’ Guild during daytime. While, during nighttime, you can find it at Bubu Pharmacy.
  • Herbalist Gui is a pharmacist at Bubu Pharmacy. He will give you the request to Herbalist’s  Forge.
  • Hongdou is an NPC that you can find near Bubu Pharmacy. Her condition is incurable and chronic, then the medicine from Bubu Pharmacy really keep the symptoms at bay.
  • Huixin is a secretary to the Qixing. If you can see her, you definitely can find her during the day in front of her workplace. However, you can find her roaming around in the area before the Yujing Terrace in the night.
  • Ren’yu is an NPC that can be found during the daytime in Bubu Pharmacy. He is an illiterate man.
  • Yikuo is an NPC that you can find in Liyue Harbor near Bubu Pharmacy. Well, following her certain dialogue branch for the first time will give you 4 x Fried Radish Balls.

Well, those are NPCs that you can find in Yujing Terrace.

Let’s Explore Liyue Harbor!

Walking south from Mondstadt, you will come upon a nation called Liyue which is home to Teyvat’s largest maritime trading port, Liyue Harbor. It is said that until now, the appearance of the adepti is still often found in this place, which is believed to be under the leadership of Geo Lord, Rex Lapis.

In the Genshin Impact map, Liyue is a port city located east of Teyvat. Much of the area is covered in autumnal Chinese styles, and is nestled in the middle of mountains beside rocky forests adjacent to open plains and rivers. Some locations that should be explored are the Harbor / port, Tianheng Mountain, Dihua Marsh, Wangshu Inn, Qingce Village, and Jueyun Karst.

There are also some location that you can find in Liyue, aside from Yujing Terrace, they are:

    1. Feiyun Slope

Feiyun Slope is the northeastern area that you can find in Liyue Harbor. This is the first area once entering Liyue Harbor through the main road from Mondstadt. To reach this location, you can turn left at the T-section to enter the Feiyun Slope area from the northern Teleport Waypoint in Liyue Harbor.

    1. Chihu Rock

Chihu Rock is the southern end of Liyue Harbor. You can find this location between the South Wharf and Feiyun Slope. This location is mainly a commercial area where a lot of  shops and vendors can be found.

In Liyue, there are plenty of quests that you have to complete. Maybe, most Genshin Impact players do not know that Liyue provides some secret quests. What are they? Let’s see them below!

    1. The Chi of Guyun

You will get lots of Adventure EXP and additional Chest which is very valuable once completing this quest.

    1. Trails in Tianqiu

This quest is very easy and players only need to open the lock in the middle of the hall which can be found at the top of each shrine.

    1. And This Treasure Goes to …

The location of this treasure is quite easy, which is buried in the middle of Lingju Pass, precisely under a large tree in the south of the pond.

    1. Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

This quest can be the most unique and difficult to complete. Later, you have to help the archaeologist uncover the whereabouts of hidden treasures in the area.

    1. Nine Pillars of Peace

You can collect nine Stone of Remembrance when collecting all Geoculus in Liyue. These nine artifacts can be used to open a large temple in the Cuijoe Slope. Completing this quest can get you the first Legendary Artifact in the form of a flower.

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Yujing Terrace Liyue Harbor Map | Genshin Impact Tier List

If you ever look for the location where the Glaze Lily, an ancient flower in Genshin Impact, you may be unfamiliar with Yunjing Terrace. Yeah… Yunjing Terrac







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